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Eagles…Rick Dennison: A Good Fit For Eagles Head Coach?

It’s official Andy Reid is out and the search for a new leader has begun. There is couple of NFL assistance coaches that I would  like to see take over for Reid. One of them is Rick Dennison. Rick is the offensive coordinator of the Houston Texans. Rick started his NFL career as a player with the Denver Broncos in 1982 as a linebacker where he played 8 seasons.

In 1995 he started his coaching career as an offensive assistant also with the Broncos. Through 1997 to 2009 he was special teams coach, offensive line coach and offensive coordinator for Denver. He was the offensive coordinator from 2006-2008 which was the Jay Cutler era. So he has experience in developing young QB’s. Cutler only started 5 games in 2006 but in 2007 his first full season he threw for 3497 yards and 20 TD’s. Then in 2008 he threw for 4526 yards and 25 TD’s which is probably Cutler’s best season of his career.

Since taking over as the offensive coordinator in 2010 the Texans have had one of the best rushing attacks in the league.  Ranking 7th in 2010, 2nd in 2011 and 8th in 2012. Now you can attribute some of that success to Arian Foster who also had his breakout year in 2010. But the Eagles have an equally talented back in Lesean McCoy. Plus Bryce Brown has shown he has some talent and if he can clear up a fumbling problem he may prove to be a nice change of pace back.

Over his 3 seasons in Houston the team has averaged 33 passes per game compared to 30 rushes per game. It’s not all rushing that’s pretty balanced. In 2010 the Texans ranked 4th in passing as Matt Schaub  passed for 4,370 yards and 24 TD’s. They took a dip down to 18th in passing in 2011 but they went through 4 QB’s with Schaub, Yates, Delhomme and Leinart all getting a shot to play due to injuries. This past year they jumped back up to 11th.

Rick Dennison has 18 years experience as a coach in the NFL and 27 years overall in the NFL. He may not be the big name coach that fans want but neither was Andy. I don’t just want a big name I want the right man for the job. There may be 10 teams looking for a new coach and some up and coming coordinators will get a shot to be a head coach in the NFL. Dennison is one of those up and comers and he might be a good fit for the Eagles.



The Last Andy’s Day Care… Thanks “Big-Red” for the Good and the Bad..

Hamels Drops a Deuce On Andy Reid

Its official, Reid is gone. That sounds weird. I knew it was coming but in the back of my mind I thought it might not happen. Andy definitely needed to go but I never thought Lurie would do it, especially with all of the “BS” that has happened this year. Injuries, basically a reality show and the loss of his son Garrett from a drug overdose during training camp. I have to give Lurie credit; he stuck to his guns when he said 8-8 would not be enough.

Well “Big-Red”, it was a fun ride. Even with the last couple seasons. Yes, I would joke at times with his signature saying, “Times Yours” or when I was a ball boy that we had to make sure there was vanilla ice cream left for you. Of course you would make me flip the “F” out with your time management, not running the ball and your lack of adjusting in games. BUT you gave me a lot of good times with the team I love.

People like to talk about how Jim Johnson carried this team for some years. It could be true, but Andy was the one who brought Johnson here. Yes, “Big-Red” made mistakes. A couple of examples are bringing in Vick. Making Castillo a defensive coordinator (and making him a scapegoat).By letting Trotter go the first time. Not handling the T.O. situation right. Bringing in the “Wide-Nine”. The BIGGEST one obviously, letting B-Dawk go. NEVER should have happen.

He did some good things too. He knew when to let go of Hugh Douglas, Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor when we were screaming for him not too. Trading McNabb at the right time and drafting McNabb when every Eagles fan in the world (me included) wanted Ricky Williams. Signing Jon Runyan and drafting Brian Westbrook. Yes, bringing in T.O. too.

At the end of the day, Andy’s good out weighs the bad. His resume speaks for itself. He is 140-102 overall (playoffs included). He has 6 NFC East titles and 5 NFC Title Games appearances. Andy has won NFL Coach of the Year three-times ( 2000, 2002 and 2010 seasons). He has been to the playoffs 9 out of 14 seasons. He has had assistant coaches become Head Coaches John Harbaugh, Steve Spagnuola, Leslie Frazier, Ron Rivera, Brad Childress and Pat Shurmur. Everything that could be on a NFL Coach’s resume except a Super Bowl.

I just want to say, thanks “Big Red” for everything, the good and the bad. You gave me a helluva show to watch for years. I know it has to be a long year for him. Going 4-12 and especially losing a child. I have a 4 year-old and could never image not having her around. Just wanted to say thanks. By the way, only in Philly we would see the media fighting on who reported it first. Of course it is Howard Eskin and CSN’s Reuben Frank. Here is a tweet from Eskin’s account..
@howardeskin: “@thestubbs22: News outlets need 2 stop crediting @RoobCSN 4 reid firing. Seemed 2 me that @howardeskin had it b4 anyone. Am i wrong?” Right.

Here is a list of Andy’s 14 seasons with the Birds..

1999-  5-11

2000- 11-5  Divisional round

2001-  11-5  NFC Champ Appear

2002-  12-4   NFC Champ Appear

2003-  12-4  NFC Champ Appear

2004-  13-3  Super Bowl Appear

2005-  6-10  

2006-  10-6  Divisional Round

2007-   8-8 

2008-  9-6-1 NFC Champ Appear

2009-  11-5  Wild Card

2010-   10-6  Wild Card

2011-   8-8  

2012-   4-12 

Eagles…What’s Next

In the past 14 years we have become accustom to how Andy Reid runs things. If you have even been half paying attention in the last 10 years you have come to expect to see certain things from Reid. We know that Andy’s pass/run ratio will be 50/1 even during a hurricane against a team that has decided to sit their entire defensive line. We know that if the best players in the first round of draft were all linebackers Andy would trade down to the second round. And if Andy’s team needs to execute a 2 minute drill they couldn’t do it if you gave them 5 minutes.

But that’s all about to change. As the countdown to the end of Andy’s tenure is coming closer I’m getting excited to see the change.  I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve anticipating what I will find under the tree in the morning. I know it’s not a guarantee I’m going to get everything on my wish list. Everyone has found socks in place of what they were really hoping for on Christmas but the possibility of getting exactly what I want is giving me a football boner. We could get the exact opposite of Reid next year. The next head coach could be a D coordinator who’s offensive scheme is built off the run. Not to say that the exact opposite of Andy is what I want or the Eagles need. It would just be a nice to see something different. Picture a press conference with a coach that is the NFL equivalent of Doug Collins. A coach that you can tell loves to talk about the game and you love to listen to him talk about the game. If I never hear “We need to do a better job” again at a press conference it will be to soon.

Above all its the difference that I crave and it can all be different soon. There will be a new head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and offensive line coach. Although less likely, who knows Howie Roseman could be gone too. We could get a D coordinator that runs a 3-4 defense. I mean it is really a possibility that the Eagles will pick a linebacker with a top 10 draft pick. The bottom line is change is needed, it’s about to come and I can’t wait. What are you hoping for?

Week 17…Dark Helmet vs Angry Elf…Their NFL Picks!!

images (24)

Dark Helmet and Angry Elf are all tied up and it comes down to this, the last week of the season to see who is the best so-called “EXPERT’. Their prize if they win? Absolutely nothing.  Angry Elf has gone into a rant to end the season and did some research for his rant as well. As usual though I have no clue what he is talking about. I see that Dark Helmet has brought out his “Schwartz” for the final week.


Dark Helmet          Angry Elf

27-22-2                      27-22-2

Angry Elf..

images (23)

Well it’s my time of year, Angry Elf Christmas time. Joe apparently can’t count he has me at 26-23-2. 1 game behind dark helmet. I am really 36-22-2 after my bonus picks, including 1-0 in NBA with my stab to Dark Helmets heart vs his Jazz. Which would put us tied in the standings but in actuality with the

Which means me being tied with him in the standings is a disgrace on his end with always picking easy games. Heres breakdown. Denver picked 4 xs / me 0. Packers 6xs /me 3. Texans 5xs / me 1. Ravens 3xs / me 0. Falcons 3xs / me 0. Bears 3xs / me 1. Giants 5xs / me 1. And also 4-11 Lions I picked 4 xs / him 1.

As for my picks…

Cowboys /Redskins

Cowboys +3.5…I feel like Dallas is getting on a roll here despite the loss last week to the Saints. Romo has proven he is always elite .


 Eagles +7.5 and over 45 .. Mike Vick is going to make a lot of people look like fools to say Foles is the way to go next year. Vick was never the reason this team struggled and he’s going to make eagle fans mad after watching Foles for 16 games next year. The over because the Eagles defense is horrible and the Giants defense is okay but with their playoff Hopes diminishing I don’t think they’re gonna bring a full effort.

Dark Helmet..



Saints (-5) – Brees and the Saints will win in this finale & this game will be entertaining to say the least.

Panthers vs Saints (Over 54) – Cam has been on fire as of late…and Brees will at least give you 35 points.


Cardinals (+16.5)  – The bookies gotta be kidding me..the Cards are bad,but the Niners haven’t been playing that good lately & there pretty banged up on both sides of the ball. Should be a one possession game.


Contributors…. Brian Lockett   @block_TLP   Brandon Bramanti  @fawkingpawsy

Sixers Balls..Here is a thought, Should they try to trade Bynum? This is basically for my own amusement..


My sources tell me that Bynum is progressing well in Phase 1 of his 6 step program. They also tell me that Bynum has no clue of what Phase 1 exactly is. By the way, I have no sources.

Before I get into all this I know that Bynum is likely damage goods, so most teams might be laughing at the Sixer if they do make Bynum available. This is the NBA we are talking about here though; there is always a “Dumb-Ass” team that will take a chance. Bynum is still only 24 years old. The BIGGEST thing that is in the Sixers favor in this whole God forsaken mess is that Bynum is in his last year of his contract.

We all know that expiring contracts especially one’s that are 16.6 million dollars are like “The Golden ticket”. At the same time though, the Sixers have to be very careful in any deal. The Sixers will finally have some breathing room in the cap world and there is a solid free agent class coming out next summer. The 2014 class is even better as it stands right now.

Let’s have some fun real quick even though I don’t think it’s likely that he gets moved. Who could the Sixers target? One could be LaMarcus Aldridge.  He is making 13 million this year, 14 mill in 13-14′ and 15 mill in 14-15′. He is averaging 21.3 ppg and 8.1 rpg. He is also averaging 1.3 blocks.

Aldridge, 27, has been one of the most underrated Big-Men in the league in the past few years. I guarantee that the Trail Blazers would love nothing better than to stick it to the Lakers by acquiring Bynum and having Bynum dominating for them. It would give Portland some major CAP SPACE going into this up-coming summer. BUT with all the “BS” that has happen to Portland over these past years with players being injured (Oden and Roy) I doubt that they would even answer the call.

Maybe, Josh Smith? He is in the last year of his contract at 13.2 million. The Hawks have been a solid team for a while now. They have never been able to get over that hump though. They started to shake up their lineup last year by letting go of Marvin Williams and Joe Johnson. It could be time to let go of Josh. He seems likely to test out free agency.

Josh, 27,  is averaging 16.6 ppg and 8.2 rpg . He is also averaging 3.7 assists and 2.2 blocks. Is the ATL willing to take chance on Bynum? They could be.

The bottom line is that Bynum will probably not get traded. This post was basically for my own amusement. Both of those trades did work in ESPN’s Trade Machine. The Sixers really should be considering all options though. I am sorry, but they have to be tired of Bynum’s act already. I know I am exhausted from trying to figure out what ‘PIMP’ outfit he will wear next.

Philer Up! A few prospects that could go BOOM..

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With each passing day it looks like the Phils will rely on Ruf and Brown in the corner outfield positions. It might be a good thing. The Phils just can’t keep signing guys to fill-in the gap. That is usually when you run into trouble financially. It is finally time to see what these kids can do. This team needs youth. With that said, I figure to give a couple of prospects not named Biddle, Asche or Joseph, that could be on the verge of breakout seasons. Here are the prospects..


Ethan Martin RHP, 23, went 13-6 with a 3.48 era last season. He had 147 K’s and 74 BB’s in 157 innings in Double AA. He is currently on the Phils current 40-man roster. He could battle with Lannon and a few others for that fifth spot in the rotation.

Scouts take..

 The powerful, savvy righthander still looks a lot like the Giants’ young Tim Lincecum, with a usually straight fastball and a nasty hard slider coming from a compact frame. He’s still not very close to ready, and really needs to get his walks under control, but when he does add some experience to his talent, he could be yet another in a long string of powerful arms that came out of the Dodger system.

Traded to Philadelphia at 2012’s deadline, Martin’s challenge would seem to be a little bit greater today, but by all accounts he has the character and strength of will to weather adversity: tools that could prove helpful in the City of Brotherly Love. via


 Maikel Franco 3B, 20, hit .280 with 14 bombs and had 84 rbi’s last season. He had an OPS of .775 in Lakewood. All we have been hearing about is that Cody Asche is the Phils best 3B prospect. This dude right here might be.

Scouts take..

Very underrated player with plus offensive and defensive potential. Great feel for hitting. At least plus bat speed. Knows how to control the barrel and can make contact with ease. Tracks pitches well and adjusts to their movement mid-swing, But has ultra-aggressive approach, leading to more weak contact than you’d like. Potential for plus raw power down the line.

Defense comes easy for him. Excellent first-step at 3B. Excellent makeup. High-energy guy that loves the game and loves to play. via


  Larry Greene OF, 19, hit .272 with 2 home runs and 26 rbi’s in 257 a bat’s in his first professional season with Williamsport. He will start at Lakewood this season.

Scouts take..

 Greene is a huge man and is incredibly athletic for his size. Right now Greene still has the speed and arm to be a good left fielder. Greene has huge raw power but he has yet to show it in games, but he has shown a better ability to hit for average than previously shown. Greene is still very raw and is learning how to translate his tools to in-game power.

His future in the outfield is determined by how big he will get, Greene is only 19 but already has a ton of mass on his frame. If he is limited to first base down the road his power should still play at the position. via

WAG Wednesday…Minka Kelly

WAG stands for Wives And Girlfriend’s and every Wednesday we bring you the hottest WAGs of professional athletes from all sports across the world. This weeks WAG is Minka Kelly. Kelly is an American actress. She is perhaps best known for her roles in Charlie’s Angels, Friday Night Lights, and The Roommate. Kelly was born in Los Angeles. She is the only child of former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay and Maureen Dumont Kelly, an exotic dancer. In 2003 Kelly made her acting debut as an extra in the short film Turbo-Charged Prelude a six-minute introduction to the action film 2 Fast 2 Furious. This was followed by a guest appearance on Cracking Up. She has since appeared in a number of television shows such as Entourage, Drake & Josh, and American Dreams. In 2005 Kelly landed a three-episode recurring role on The WB Sitcom What I Like About You. Minka dated Derek Jeter.


Eagles…Looking Back

Players and coaches will answer a lot of questions this week regarding Sunday most likely being Andy Reid’s last game. It’s starting to sink in that Andy won’t be here next year. It hasn’t felt real up until now. He has been here 13 years. Most coaches don’t spend half that time as a head coach. Just think about it for a second Andy was hired in 1999,  if your kid was born that year you are most likely making a decision about what high school he/she should attend now.  Think about what you were doing 13 years ago. I had just gotten my drivers license but my parents still weren’t comfortable with me driving on my own.

In 1999, the year Andy made his  head coaching debut, the Denver Broncos were the defending Super Bowl champs and the St. Louis Rams were about to show us they were the “Greatest Show On Turf”. Before that season nobody knew who Kurt Warner was. The cost of a Super Bowl ad in 1999 was $1.6 million compared to the $3.8 million corporations will pay for a 30 second ad in 2013.

In other sports Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France for the first time before going on to win seven more. Brandi Chastain kicked the game winning penalty kick to win the World Cup for the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team.  She dropped to her knees and ripped off her jersey in celebration.

In 1999 the top grossing films were Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace, The Sixth Sense, Toy Story 2, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and The Matrix. The Blair Witch Project was also made in 1999.

Here is some songs Andy and the players were probably listening to on their iPods, wait I mean walk man because iPods weren’t invent until 2001. Baby One More Time – Britney Spears, Angel Of Mine – Monica, No Scrubs – TLC, Livin’ La Vida Loca – Ricky Martin, If You Had My Love – Jennifer Lopez, Bills, Bills, Bills – Destiny’s Child, Wild Wild West – Will Smith featuring Dru Hill and Kool Moe Dee, Genie In A Bottle – Christina Aguilera, Heartbreaker – Mariah Carey featuring Jay-Z. I mean those were the popular song that year I doubt Ike Reese, Trott and Dawkins were listening to Genie In A Bottle pre game to get hype. By the way Justin Bieber turned five in 1999.

We’ve had some great years with Andy. I think if we are honest some of the best Eagles season ever were under Andy. But the point is its been a long time and its time to change. We don’t know what will be in store next for the Eagles but its definitely time to try something new.

Putting Some Sixers Balls On The Christmas Tree…Live by the “J”, Die by the “J’..

images (47)

I figured to get out one more post before Christmas.  I figured hanging some Sixers Balls on the tree would be nice. Lets begin; I keep hearing people talk about the long-two’s the Sixers take. The new guys that the Sixers brought in J-Rich/Wright/Young are all jump shooters. What do you expect? This team was built for Bynum that’s the issue. Having Bynum controlling the paint and giving the jumper shooters open looks, while having Jrue/Evan creating. Of course I would like to see them get to line more. BUT with this team its not going to happen.  Live by the “J”, Die by the “J’..

Even Lavoy Allen is mostly a pick and pop guy. We all know how much Hawes loves his jumper. Is it that when the Sixers do take it to the rim they don’t get calls? Not really. It would help to have the “star” calls on their side. You know the calls when the ref waits to see if they make the basket and if they don’t, then they make the call. Bynum would help with this factor.   BUT that is not the answer they just don’t attack the rim enough.

Their loss to the Nets (95-92) was just an example of the Sixers not getting to the line; the Sixers went 8-10 from the charity strip and the Nets went 21-30. Holiday said it best after the loss…

 ‘They beat us at the free-throw line. We beat them everywhere else. It kind of hurt us.’

Yes, it does Jrue. The Sixers are only averaging 18.3 free throws a game. That ranks them 29th in the league. The three best are Holiday, Turner and Thad at getting to the line. It’s nothing to brag about either. Jrue is averaging 3.4 attempts a game, Evan 2.9 and Thad 3.0.  Just for some comparisons here are the top 5 players free-throw attempts a game..

Dwight  10.0

Harden  10.0

Durant   9.2

Kobe        8.5

Melo        7.6

It gets a little worse. The Sixers, Hawks and the Magic are the only teams that don’t have a player attempting at least 4 foul shots a game. Obviously, you would think that the Sixers are attempting a ton of three balls. Nope, they are averaging 18.3 a game, which ranks them 23rd. So what does that equal? Mid-range jumpers and long-two’s.

Well, Happy Holidays!!

Editing…. Brandon Bramanti   @fawkingpawsy

Philer Up! You can add Hairston to the Phils laundry lists..


You can add Scott Hairston to the list of outfielders the Phils have looked at.  I am pretty sure that the Phils have been linked to every free agent outfielder or available one (via trade) there is. I am still waiting for Manny Ramirez to pop-up some where. Jon Heyman of CBS Sports tweeted the other day that the Phils are taking a look at Hairston.

Scott Hairston tougher fit for #yanks since at moment have 3 starting OFs. Phillies, braves, mets, #others also in play

I like Scott better than Vernon Wells. If the Phils do sign Hairston it would likely be for a platoon situation. Hairston batted .263 with 20 bombs and had 57 rbi’s in 398 at bats for the Mets last season. He hit lefties well last season with a .286 average with 11 bombs and 30 rbi’s in 189 at bats.

Scott, 32, makes the most sense. There is very little out there right now. He would provide some “POP” from the right side of the plate. It is looking like the Phils have no other choice than to go with Brown in right and Ruf in left to start the season. I think it could be a good thing.