Sixers Balls…Sixers keep winning despite their Front-Court

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The Sixers are 10-6. Yes I am stating the obvious but with this Front-Court it’s pretty amazing. I knew the front court would struggle without Bynum, but the Sixers go into every game not knowing what the hell they are getting out of their Big-Men. Well, Charlotte’s Front-Court made them look even worse. If only Bynum were healthy this team… I have to stop with this Bynum shit. Get over it Joseph. OK, moving on…

The Sixers front court (Brown, Lavoy, Hawes) were getting man-handled by Bismack Biyombo. Who? Exactly.. I guess I should throw in Thad but to me Thad is a man without a position. He does not have the handle to be a “3” or the size to be a “4”. BUT you have to have Thad out there, especially with this Big-Man rotation. I still think Thad would be better off the bench as a match-up problem. You have to love Thad though. You know what you are getting out of him every single night. All heart and hustle. Plus, he is averaging a career high at 7.8 rebounds per game. I could write about Thad all day so let me stop right now.

Lavoy (4.4 rebounds in 22.4 a game) has had his moments. He had solid game last night posting a double-double (10 and 10). His defense has been solid as well at times. I like Lavoy but he is just not consistent enough. He is a backup to me. Hawes (5.2 rebounds in 20 minutes a game) is a decent backup. I am trying to be nice here. He is a solid high-post player. When he tries to go into the low-post forget it. He gets pushed around like a 10 year-old. The dude also needs to cut his hair. He looks like he is straight-out of a 70’s porno flick, “Debbie Does Dallas”. Just saying..

I guess you can say that Kwame (2.7 rebounds in 12 minutes a game) has helped in a game or two. I mean, he did have a nice effect in the Dallas game. He did post 6 points and 8 rebounds in just 16 minutes. I do have a hard time giving him credit though. It just does not feel right. All I ask of the Sixers is to NEVER throw the ball into the post to him. EVER.

The Sixers just keep winning despite this Front-Court. Thanks in large part to Holiday, J-Rich, Turner and Thad. It would be nice for one of the ‘Big-Men’ to some kind of consistency. I doubt it will happen. They are backups. By the way, the Sixers are a plus 88 when Thad Young is on the floor. They are a minus 69 when Dorell Wright is on the court. So that’s why Wright’s minutes have disappeared..


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