Week 13…Angry Elf vs Dark Helmet..Their NFL Picks!!

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Well, Dark Helmet and Angry Elf have been bitching at each other all week. They have been arguing about the fact that one picks the tough games and the other doesn’t. I think Angry Elf is a little frustrated..


Dark Helmet          Little Angry Elf

22-15-2                      18-19-2

Angry Elf…



Colts +7… Both teams starting to put it together as the season wraps up. I think Luck with his decision-making can keep it close enough along with a few poor Stafford decisions. Lions just have absolutely no run game or defense.


Bucs +7.5… Peyton struggled last week but edged out a win and I see the same this week. Bucs are a very competitive team and I am going to need Phillytuggers lover Freeman to continue his strong play in this one.


Giants -2.5… This is when the giants start to get it together and considering Washington already beat them Eli owes Griffin one. Time for Eli to show Griffin he’s got a ways to go before he makes an impact on this usually tough heated NFC east.

Dark Helmet..

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Bears (-4)- Hawks QB Wilson’s 1st trip to Soldier Field will not be fun. He only has one win on the road & it will still be the same after this week. WR Marshall for the Bears will make the plays that count as always.


(Over 46.5) – Should be a good division game with two home run hitters. AR12 & AP28.


Giants (-2.5)- Its December and now I am back to picking the NFC East teams. This should be very interesting with RGIII 1st MNF game & the Giants in the last stretch of games to close out the season (when there most dangerous). I see Eli taking RG III to school this night and this should be another close rival game.

Contributors.. @block_TLP and @fawkingpawsy     Brian Lockett and Brandon Bramanti


2 responses

  1. Im salty the Packers played safe &God didnt put up the numbers they should have

  2. skiptebowbramanti | Reply

    Bears. Giants. And over wit packers???? Yea point proven who takes the hard games..smh

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