Philer Up!…CF Options Are Disappearing…Next Please..

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The Phils center-field options are getting snatched up. It was reported by many that B.J Upton was their first option. Obviously, he signed with Braves for a 5 year deal worth 75 million dollars. The Phils offered a 5 year deal worth around 50-55 million (reportedly) and came in second in the race for Upton.

The Phils seemed to make Pagan their Plan B. Some people actually thought that Pagan was their Plan A and Upton was smoke screen. It doesn’t really matter who was their first or second option. They are both gone. I would have liked Upton but not for 75 million. As for Pagan, I just never got the hype for him. Yes, I know he has had a few solid seasons BUT he has a career OBP of .333. Jimmy Rollins has a career .328 OBP.  He would have come here to lead-off..

So now what? Do the Phils now look for a trade option? The Rockies are reportedly asking for your entire farm system for Dexter Fowler. The D-Backs are asking the same for Justin Upton. Here is who the Phils might be checking out Josh Hamilton, Michael Bourn, Shane Victorino, Cody Ross, Ichiro Suzuki and Nick Swisher.

Bourn is asking for a deal close to 100 million dollars. Umm, next please.. Cody Ross? Screw him. Sorry, still a little bitter. Swisher would be interesting. He works the count well and has power from both sides of the plate. He has a career .364 OBP. He does strikeout a ton though. Jim Salisbury of CSN reports that he keeps hearing Ichiro in Phils conversations. Hmmm.. Me like. Victorino? I mean, I love the dude but I have moved on. Who is next? That would be Josh Hamilton. Come on RAJ just do it..

When Amaro was asked about Hamilton he obviously said he doesn’t talk about rumors. Well, he did say something..

“We didn’t really a Plan A,” Amaro said. “We had like 10 Plan B’s because, to be frank with you, I just didn’t think that the marketplace was all that strong in the beginning. There was not a comparable to Papelbon out there. There really wasn’t. There were some good players out there, and there still are some good players out there, but I don’t know there’s a difference maker. Maybe one.

Is he on that difference maker?
“Come on,” Amaro said. “Next question.” Via

RAJ you sly dog..

There was one interesting thing that came out today. Amaro was a guest on Daily News Live today and was asked about the possibilities of Victorino coming back.  He did say that he was open to bringing back a few former Phils. He obviously did not name names. Here are some of the former Phils that are out there..

Brett Myers- I think I would like this one. Myers and Pap in the 8th/9th equals INSANITY..

Chad Durbin- He still is a serviceable reliever. Maybe..

Michael Bourn- Sorry, don’t want him..

 Shane Victorino- Like I said before, I am over him.

Rod Barajas- I am sorry that I put him on this list..

Scott Rolen-  Sign to a 1 year deal. Do it..

Bobby Abreu- What?!


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  1. Bring back Pat Burrell!

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