Philer Up!…Ellsbury? Or is it Ichiro? At least do something..

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The Phils have a plan! We just have no clue what the hell it is or maybe they don’t. The bottom line is that the Phils have either really shit the bed or they have setup smoke screen to drop a bomb on us.  That “Bomb” is looking like it will come from a trade though. The best trading chip the Phils have is Vance Worley. Worley has a 3.50 ERA and 238 strikeouts to just 97 walks in 277 innings pitched in his first three years.

What could Vance bring back in return? Well according to some of the Phils beat writers he could help net Jacoby Ellsbury. I really don’t see why the Red Sox would want to move him. I know they just signed Victorino but Vic can play right field. If the Red Sox wanted to get rid of Ellsbury I think they would have done it back at last year’s trade deadline. They got rid of everybody else then. It would also take more than just Worley to get Ellsbury. You would have to throw in another prospect or two.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have Ellsbury here. Jacoby had an injured plague season last year and only played in 74 games because of a separated shoulder. BUT the year before he posted MVP numbers (finished fourth in the voting). He hit .321 with 47 doubles, 32 home runs and 105 RBIs while also stealing 39 bases and scoring 119 runs. He has a career OBP of .349.

Ellsbury is 29 years old and will be a free agent at the end of the 2013 season. Worley is 25 years old and can’t be a free-agent until 2017. That is also why Worley might be so attractive (low-cost). Still don’t understand why Boston would move Jacoby. They saved plenty of money at the deadline like I said before. Whatever..

Jim Salisbury of CSN reports that Ichiro Suzuki is still a possibility for the Phils. He reports that Phils have talked to Ichiro and that Ichiro thinks he can play center-field. Ichiro is 39 years old now but the guy still can run and throw for his age. He has played 273 games in CF in his career. The dude has won 10 Gold Gloves and still can play some. He hit .283 with 9 bombs and had 29 stolen bases last season. When he got traded to the Yanks he hit .322 with 5 bombs and 14 stolen bases in 67 games for them. With the way the off-season has gone so far I would take a look at him. If I am the Phils, there is no way in hell that I am giving Bourn a shit load of money..

By the way, I am going to wake-up in the morning and see that the Phils have signed Hamilton. I keep saying that thinking it will work one of these times..

Here is a quote from Amaro today about what he is trying to do..

“We have to be creative,” Amaro said. “None of these players are without warts. No player is going to give us all the combinations that we want. We’re going to have to be creative to get those combinations.” “Generally I feel optimistic that we can do some things here – not here necessarily, but perhaps sometime soon,” he said.


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  1. Do you still think Rickey Otero can play CF? We all know Dykstra is busy for the next 9 months.

    1. I was thinking Andy Van Slyk.. I am so glad you beat out Juan Bell back in 1993. Thanks Stock!

      1. Juan Bell was terrible, the team should have called me up earlier that year. That was a fun bunch of guys to play with, though. They used to take me out with them to the strip clubs and tell the girls I was their little brother.

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