Philer Up!..Well, Revere is in..Young? Tick,Tick..We are spoiled as hell..

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We all have been waiting for the Phils to do something and they finally did. It just wasn’t that “Big Splash” that we have become a custom too. Actually, you can say we are spoiled as hell. Last year it was Papelbon. The year before that it was Lee for the second time and in the 2009 off-season it was Doc.

Amaro loves to set the tone early in the off-season with a MAJOR move. This time RAJ played the waiting game and the waiting game landed the Phils “He Fast” Ben Revere of the Minnesota Twins. Yup, I just made up that nick-name for him. Though the dude does look a lot like Ja Rule. Just saying…

On the surface it seems as if the Phils over paid for him by sending Worley and Trever May. “Van-Animal”, who was a fan favorite has gone 18-13 with a 3.50 era in 53 big-league games. Revere, 24, is a good center-fielder and he can flat-out fly on the bases. Ben hit .294 with 32 RBIs and also had 40 stolen bases last season. The dude has yet to hit homer in his young career though. He was not brought here to do that anyway. Worley at best is number 3 in a rotation but he is more like a number 4 starter. I did enjoy watching Worley pitch..

The part I am not crazy about is giving up Trever May too. May, 23, entered 2012 as the Phillies’ top prospect, according to Baseball America. He did struggle last season but still has a lot of talent. The thing is that sometimes you have to over pay to get a solid young everyday player. Only time will tell. Moving on…


Tick, Tick, Tick…The clock is running on Michael Young. The Phils and the Rangers have a deal in place for him and we are just waiting for the answer. Young, 36, has played his entire career in Texas. The former 7-time All-Star is in his last year of his contract at 16 million but Texas will likely eat most of that.

The Phils are very high on third baseman prospect Cody Asche. They are looking for a stop-gap guy for a year. Young would be solid for just that. I know Young struggled last year hitting just .277 with eight homers and 67 RBIs but two years ago he hit .338 with 11 homers and 106 RBIs. Mike has hit over .300 seven times in his career. As for the player or players the Phils will give up, I think it depends on how much money the Rangers eat..

Mike has only played 65 games at third in the past two seasons and has lost some range. He is not the player he used to be but he still can play some. I know some people don’t want him at all but for 1 year I will take that chance. He will bring that winning attitude and professionalism that the “WAR” guys can’t add up…


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