Sixers Balls….No more “Night Shift”..


When you think about how the Sixers are 11-8 it is a bit of a head scratcher. They have that record because of the play of Holiday, Thad, Turner and even J-Rich. I have talked about the front-court and how they give the Sixers basically nothing on some nights (besides Thad). Well, I should have thrown the bench in there with it. Seriously.

This team barely gets anything from its bench. “Swaggy P” has not had that much “Swag” at all this year. Young has been mostly inconsistent with his play only averaging 9.3 ppg and shooting 38% from the field and 34% from down-town. Dorell Wright has made four starts this season and is averaging 13 points in those games, BUT he is only averaging 6.4 points as a reserve going into last night’s win over Boston.

Spencer “Boogie Nights” Hawes will have a one decent game every two weeks. Kwame is being well, Kwame. He did have one good game though. Just saying… Every time Wayns gets into a game he is like “F” it, let’s see how many shots I can “jack” in under minute. He does do a good job of that though. Here is what Doug has to say about his bench…

“We sit up there every day brainstorming. We talk create a bench who plays well together, who plays well as a starter. How would he play coming off the bench, all those things,” Collins said. “There’s a lot of psychology that goes with that and understanding, and are guys willing to say that would be best for the team.” via CSN

Doug goes on talking about last years bench..

“We had two incredible guys Lou Williams and Thaddeus Young, who very easily could have been starters on our team, were guys willing to come off the bench in order to give us a chance to win,” Collins said. “I will be forever indebted to Lou for being like that and Thad because it takes special guys to do that. I will always have an incredible spot in my heart for Lou Williams for being willing to do that. He was second in sixth man, and he made us a totally different team coming off the bench, and he was one of our five best players.”

Besides the Sixers defense and toughness last year, oh wait my bad. I was told that toughness, heart and will doesn’t mean anything by another Sixers blogger. My apologies, moving on.

The best part of last year’s team was their bench aka “The Night Shift”. I will be the first one to tell you that I wanted Lou-Will gone. I still stand by that statement. It wasn’t because of his play it was more towards to giving the “KEYS” of this team to Holiday and Turner.

Last year’s bench was lead by Lou, Thad and even Turner. The Sixers averaged 38.8 ppg last season which ranked them 4th in the league. This year they are ranked 25th in league in bench scoring at 28 points a game.

So is it as simple as putting J-Rich on the bench and putting Wright back in the starting rotation? It could be. I think J-Rich could handle being a 6th”man. As for the front-court, there is someone there that could fix that and I refuse to mention his name anymore….


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