Sixers Balls…Turner’s New Confidence


In 2010 the Sixers got the second overall pick in the draft in a year which it was said to have only one real superstar, John Wall. It was thought that we missed out on Wall by one pick and had to settled for Evan Turner. When an NBA team gets the second overall pick it should be almost certain that your getting an impact player. Unfortunately that’s not how very many people had treated Evan. Even coach Collins for the first two years continued the trend of undervaluing Turner. Evan wasn’t given the minutes or the space to make mistakes in order to grow that most of the top picks in the draft get. You could see at times after making a mistake Turner looking over his shoulder to see if he was coming out of the game. My boy Joe has pointed out time and again that Evan was a slow starter to begin with and has needed time in high school and college to grow before meeting his expectations.

There has been times over the past two years that Turner has shown what he is capable of but he hasn’t been consistent. With Evan it always seemed to me that his ability was there he just needed to be in the right state of mind for him to play to his potential. This season Elton Brand, Lou Williams and Andre Iguodala are gone which has allowed Turner and Holliday to take ownership of the team. Evan knows he will start every game and he will have the opportunity to play through his mistakes this year. The result is Turners confidence is growing and it was apparent last night.

Turner made his impression felt in the first half of the game going 9-16. He knocked down another corner three which is starting to be known as Turnerville and was 2-3 from behind the arch. It wasn’t a perfect game Evan went 2-11 in the second half.  What impressed me most was even with all his struggles in the second half he didn’t stop shooting.  Turner ended the game with 26 points, 10 boards, 5 assists, and 1 block.

While he played a very good game it wasn’t mistake free but he didn’t let that take him out of his game which was the most impressive part to me. One play Evan dribbled to the top of the key took a shot but was blocked. Evan kept with the play and got the ball back drove down the lane and laid it in. Turner had enough confidence to take the game winning shot even after going 1-10 in the previous 1o shots before the game winner. Evan has been playing great over the last couple of games and hopefully this is the player that Turner will be for the rest of his career or better. As for looking back on that draft it’s starting to look like Evan was worth that second overall pick and with his new found confidence he may still have even more room to grow.


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