Philer Up!..A Few Starting Pitching Options..


 Seriously, I have to stop falling for these GOD DAMN fake twitter accounts. I am better than that, but this one got me good. Someone tweeted from a fake Glen Macnow of WIP twitter account that his colleague Anthony Gargano was reporting that the #Phillies and Josh Hamilton are in agreement for a 3 deal worth $80 million with $30 million option year.

I have gotten better at spotting these Damn things. When I saw Hamilton’s name in the rumor though I just couldn’t help myself. I am infatuated with the dude. That did not come out right, but you know what I mean. After changing my pants over the Hamilton “so-called” signing I started to think to myself who the Phils might be targeting as a replacement for Worley

The Phils need an arm in the pen but they could use another starter.  As it stands now the Phils would enter the season with Halladay, Hamels, Lee, Kendrick in the rotation. Then having Cloyd/Minor/Pettibone/Martin battling it out for the fifth spot. I know Kendrick threw the ball well last year, BUT I would still rather have him as long-man or a spot starter.  Here a few names the Phils might be checking out…

Anibal Sanchez- 9-13  with a 3.86 era with the Marlins/Tigers. Has career 1.35 WHIP.

Scouts take..

Sánchez throws five pitches, giving him a variety of weapons to use against right-handed and left-handed hitters. His primary pitch is a four-seam fastball that he throws in the 92–94 MPH range. He also throws a sinker with similar velocity. He features a sharp slider in the mid-80s that he uses frequently against right-handed batters and in counts with two strikes

Solid pitcher but the dude wants 5 year deal worth 90 million..No thank you…

Shaun Marcum-  7-4 with a 3.70 era with Brewers. Has only pitched 136 innings over the past two season because of injuries.

Scouts take..

Marcum throws a broad array of pitches. He has a four-seam fastball at 86–89 mph, a two-seam fastball at 84-87, a cutter in the mid 80s, a changeup in the upper 70s, a slider in the low 80s, and a curveball in the low 70s. Marcum almost never uses his two-seamer on right-handed hitters, preferring to use his cutter and breaking pitches. Against left-handed hitters, he throws many more changeups and does not use his slider.

Could get him cheap..I do like Marcum..

Edwin Jackson- 12-9 with 3.79 with the Nats. Over the past 5 season he has given up 110 long balls.

Scouts take..

Jackson throws a number of pitches with some regularity. His four-seam fastball has excellent velocity, averaging about 95 mph. He also has a two-seamer with similar velocity. His primary weapon against right-handed hitters is a hard slider in the upper 80s.

Really don’t know why I put this dude in here. I can’t stand him…

Ryan Dempster- 12-8 with a 3.38 era with the Cubs/Rangers. Has won 65 games over the past five seasons.

Scouts take..

Dempster throws five pitches with some regularity: a four-seam fastball and two-seam fastball averaging about 90 mph, a cut fastball in the high 80s, a slider in the mid 80s, and a splitter in the low 80s. Dempster favors his slider over his splitter when throwing to right-handed hitters.[12]

Now he would be perfect..

Jair Jurrjens- 3-4 with 6.89 era with Braves. The former All-Star was sent down to the minors last season. Still just 26 years old. He dealt with a loss of velocity.

Scouts take..

Jurrjens has a four-seam fastball that he used to throw at 91–92 MPH, but by the 2012 season had dipped into the 87–90 range. Jurrjens pairs his fastball with a changeup to lefties in the low 80s and a slider in the high 70s to righties.

He is interesting. A former All-Star that got demoted. He is still young but maybe his arm is about to fall off…

Still don’t know how Joe Blanton got a 2 year 15 million dollar deal. I will never understand..


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