Puck Heads..25th Anniversary of Hextall’s goal.. A couple of days later..What?!


Yes, I know the anniversary of Hextall’s goal was a couple of days ago but who cares. I was busy and couldn’t get to it so leave me alone. My Pop and I used to have season tickets to the Flyers when I was a kid. I am talking even before the Lindros days. Our seats were on the third deck, first row. The Flyers shot on our side twice a game. Awesome seats. To me at least, there wasn’t a bad seat in the Spectrum. Well, maybe that one seat they decide to have right behind the one pole on the upper level.

Those were the days. You had Keith Acton, Murray Craven, Dave Brown, Brian Propp, Pelle Eklund rocking the Orange and the Black. When I really think about Hextall it’s kind of funny, I really thought that all goalies were supposed to be like him. Slash the guy if he got in your crease. If you went after the puck and an opposing player was there check the shit out of him. I am telling you this how I really thought. I was a kid then. What?!

Ron Hextall won the Vezina Trophy as the NHL’s top goaltender in 1986-87 in his rookie season. He also led his Philadelphia Flyers to the Stanley Cup Final that year, where they lost in seven games to Gretzky’s Edmonton Oilers.

Other than trying to kill players at times on the ice, Ron was awesome with the puck. He was basically the third ‘D” man out there. With that said, here is a ‘High-Light” reel of Hextall and the goal he scored on Dec 8th, 1987...

Contributor….Brian Lutz    @Lutzie1087


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