WAG Wednesday Christmas Edition…Melanie Iglesias

WAG stands for Wives And Girlfriend’s and every Wednesday we bring you the hottest WAGs of professional athletes from all sports across the world. Well this weeks WAG isn’t from the world of sports. I figured that since its the last Wednesday before Christmas we would keep it festive and that’s why this “WAG” is Melanie Iglesias. Melanie won the 2010 Maxim’s Hometown Hottie contest. She is also part of the World Poker Tour’s “Royal Flush Girls” squad. Melanie is also famous for her “Flip Books” which you will be introduced to at the end of this paragraph and is the reason she is this weeks WAG cause she has a Christmas Flip Book. She is technically a WAG cause she has dated Vinny from the Jersey Shore she is just not a sports WAG. Follow her on Twitter @MelanieIglesias Here is the 20 hottest pictures of Melanie Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Here are some of her other Flip Books

Finally here is Melanie Iglesias and Lisa Ramos response to former WAG Of The Week Kate Upton’s Cat Daddy



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