Sixers Balls…The “Bowler’s” announcement..

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Today is the day of all days. I was trying for a dramatic entrance, though I don’t think I even made any sense with that opening line. Whatever..

The one they call the “bowler”  is expected to find out if he is cleared to play this year.  I have been so tired of all the other “BS” about him that I have refuse to say his name.  BUT with everything going on with the Sixers right now and I could use some good news, especially after the Sixers just got their asses handed to them by the Rockets.  This team was built for the “Bowler”, having him control the paint and having shooters around him for spacing, while Jrue and Evan create.  So we sit and wait again for this dude.

Jrue please get back ASAP.  One last thing,  the Sixers have to be the worst team in the league at defending the pick and roll. Force the ball-handler one way for the LOVE OF GOD…


2 responses

  1. I think most of your displeasure with Bynum centers around the fact that you wish you had that hairstyle.

    1. hahaha..Nice… I might be..

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