Sixers Balls..Turner and Holiday equally as important. CoffeeTopia, Hmmm…


I just arrived at work this morning and I was sipping on 24oz coffee from Wawa, 100% Columbian to be exact. I love me some Columbian. One of my fellow co-workers come strolling in and said, ” How about them Sixers?!” I respond with “Yes, I know. They got their asses handed to them. They got flat-out exposed.” We go on talking about the game and how we both can’t stand Spencer Hawes.

Then my co-worker started telling me how the Sixers post game crew was saying when Turner plays well it doesn’t translate into a “W”. That the Sixers win when Turner doesn’t play well. I did not watch the post game show. I shut off the Sixers with about 30 seconds left the game after watching their shit show.

Right away I started to defend my “Man-Crush”.  The Sixers don’t necessary play well, when Evan does? That’s horse shit. How dare they come at my homie like that?! I did think my co-worker was screwing with me because he is known to do that. He said he was not lying. So after cursing and yelling about this a little more I decide to check it out myself.

I figured 17 points was a good number to judge by, when Turner scores more than 17 points the Sixers are 6-4. In those six wins he has 4 double-double’s and in the 4 loss he has 1 double-double. Two of those losses are without Holiday playing. I dropped the number to 16 points for last season’s totals. We all know about ET’s struggles last year. When Evan scored more than 16 points the Sixers were 6-5.

Listen, I know that everything about this team starts with Holiday. The evidence is clear in the past 4 games if you needed evidence at all. BUT if you took away Turner in the last 4 games you would likely see the same result. Holiday is the better player but I truly believe that they are equally as important to this team.

They are the only two that can create offense for themselves and for others. Nick Young can create offense for himself but passing forget about it. Here are some numbers:

Turner’s numbers

In Wins 12 36.6 .476 8.0 4.1 0.4 0.4 2.8 16.8
In Losses 14 35.3 .411 5.9 4.2 0.2 1.1 2.4 13.7

Jrue’s numbers

In Wins 12 39.5 .465 4.3 9.8 0.7 1.6 2.8 19.0
In Losses 10 37.2 .434 3.4 7.9 0.1 1.3 2.5 17.6

There is a very good chance that we will never know what the combination of Holiday, Turner and Bynum could have done. I know I said that I would not bring up Bynum’s name but just for this post. That’s it.

This is Holiday’s and Evans’s team. They are the future and their games complement each other very well. They both can create for others and themselves and both bring toughness to this team. Like I said before, if Turner missed these last 4 games the Sixers would likely be in the same spot, especially with this front-court, bench and pick-roll defense.

CoffeeTopia. Yesss!!



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  1. skiptebowbramanti | Reply

    Good article….i still dont know whose side im on its to early to telll..but disapointed in bynum for sure.

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