Putting Some Sixers Balls On The Christmas Tree…Live by the “J”, Die by the “J’..

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I figured to get out one more post before Christmas.  I figured hanging some Sixers Balls on the tree would be nice. Lets begin; I keep hearing people talk about the long-two’s the Sixers take. The new guys that the Sixers brought in J-Rich/Wright/Young are all jump shooters. What do you expect? This team was built for Bynum that’s the issue. Having Bynum controlling the paint and giving the jumper shooters open looks, while having Jrue/Evan creating. Of course I would like to see them get to line more. BUT with this team its not going to happen.  Live by the “J”, Die by the “J’..

Even Lavoy Allen is mostly a pick and pop guy. We all know how much Hawes loves his jumper. Is it that when the Sixers do take it to the rim they don’t get calls? Not really. It would help to have the “star” calls on their side. You know the calls when the ref waits to see if they make the basket and if they don’t, then they make the call. Bynum would help with this factor.   BUT that is not the answer they just don’t attack the rim enough.

Their loss to the Nets (95-92) was just an example of the Sixers not getting to the line; the Sixers went 8-10 from the charity strip and the Nets went 21-30. Holiday said it best after the loss…

 ‘They beat us at the free-throw line. We beat them everywhere else. It kind of hurt us.’

Yes, it does Jrue. The Sixers are only averaging 18.3 free throws a game. That ranks them 29th in the league. The three best are Holiday, Turner and Thad at getting to the line. It’s nothing to brag about either. Jrue is averaging 3.4 attempts a game, Evan 2.9 and Thad 3.0.  Just for some comparisons here are the top 5 players free-throw attempts a game..

Dwight  10.0

Harden  10.0

Durant   9.2

Kobe        8.5

Melo        7.6

It gets a little worse. The Sixers, Hawks and the Magic are the only teams that don’t have a player attempting at least 4 foul shots a game. Obviously, you would think that the Sixers are attempting a ton of three balls. Nope, they are averaging 18.3 a game, which ranks them 23rd. So what does that equal? Mid-range jumpers and long-two’s.

Well, Happy Holidays!!

Editing…. Brandon Bramanti   @fawkingpawsy


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