The Last Andy’s Day Care… Thanks “Big-Red” for the Good and the Bad..

Hamels Drops a Deuce On Andy Reid

Its official, Reid is gone. That sounds weird. I knew it was coming but in the back of my mind I thought it might not happen. Andy definitely needed to go but I never thought Lurie would do it, especially with all of the “BS” that has happened this year. Injuries, basically a reality show and the loss of his son Garrett from a drug overdose during training camp. I have to give Lurie credit; he stuck to his guns when he said 8-8 would not be enough.

Well “Big-Red”, it was a fun ride. Even with the last couple seasons. Yes, I would joke at times with his signature saying, “Times Yours” or when I was a ball boy that we had to make sure there was vanilla ice cream left for you. Of course you would make me flip the “F” out with your time management, not running the ball and your lack of adjusting in games. BUT you gave me a lot of good times with the team I love.

People like to talk about how Jim Johnson carried this team for some years. It could be true, but Andy was the one who brought Johnson here. Yes, “Big-Red” made mistakes. A couple of examples are bringing in Vick. Making Castillo a defensive coordinator (and making him a scapegoat).By letting Trotter go the first time. Not handling the T.O. situation right. Bringing in the “Wide-Nine”. The BIGGEST one obviously, letting B-Dawk go. NEVER should have happen.

He did some good things too. He knew when to let go of Hugh Douglas, Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor when we were screaming for him not too. Trading McNabb at the right time and drafting McNabb when every Eagles fan in the world (me included) wanted Ricky Williams. Signing Jon Runyan and drafting Brian Westbrook. Yes, bringing in T.O. too.

At the end of the day, Andy’s good out weighs the bad. His resume speaks for itself. He is 140-102 overall (playoffs included). He has 6 NFC East titles and 5 NFC Title Games appearances. Andy has won NFL Coach of the Year three-times ( 2000, 2002 and 2010 seasons). He has been to the playoffs 9 out of 14 seasons. He has had assistant coaches become Head Coaches John Harbaugh, Steve Spagnuola, Leslie Frazier, Ron Rivera, Brad Childress and Pat Shurmur. Everything that could be on a NFL Coach’s resume except a Super Bowl.

I just want to say, thanks “Big Red” for everything, the good and the bad. You gave me a helluva show to watch for years. I know it has to be a long year for him. Going 4-12 and especially losing a child. I have a 4 year-old and could never image not having her around. Just wanted to say thanks. By the way, only in Philly we would see the media fighting on who reported it first. Of course it is Howard Eskin and CSN’s Reuben Frank. Here is a tweet from Eskin’s account..
@howardeskin: “@thestubbs22: News outlets need 2 stop crediting @RoobCSN 4 reid firing. Seemed 2 me that @howardeskin had it b4 anyone. Am i wrong?” Right.

Here is a list of Andy’s 14 seasons with the Birds..

1999-  5-11

2000- 11-5  Divisional round

2001-  11-5  NFC Champ Appear

2002-  12-4   NFC Champ Appear

2003-  12-4  NFC Champ Appear

2004-  13-3  Super Bowl Appear

2005-  6-10  

2006-  10-6  Divisional Round

2007-   8-8 

2008-  9-6-1 NFC Champ Appear

2009-  11-5  Wild Card

2010-   10-6  Wild Card

2011-   8-8  

2012-   4-12 


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