Puck Heads..Hockey is Back…Still too many teams. But hey, it’s back.


So hockey is back. I am not going to lie though, I don’t think they should of came back. I still believe they should have stayed out for the whole year and tried to fix their real problem, TOO MANY TEAMS. With this new deal in place it’s only going to hurt the GOOD hockey markets anyway. Philly, Det, NY, Bos, Chi, Tor, Mon ect.. The biggest problem they had was that teams were signing players to huge contracts that they couldn’t pay.

But hey, the way my beloved Sixers season has been going I could use something to distract me from it. Once the Flyers get going here I will get pump-up about them and forget that I am pissed about hockey anyway. Here is the info from Puck Daddy.

a 10-year CBA solidified between union chief Donald Fehr and Commissioner Gary Bettman. As Fehr said, via Sportsnet: “Any process like this is difficult; it can be long…we have the framework of a deal.”

Deal to end NHL lockout tentative with 10-year CBA (opt-out after 8 years), 7-year contract limit (8 for own players) and $64.3 M cap ’13-14.

No more ten years deals or twelve year deals. That is a good thing. He goes on..

Game on, with a shortened season expected to begin on Jan. 19 or as early as Jan. 15. John Shannon of Sportsnet reports that teams will only play within their conferences.

They are trying to hammer out a 48 game season. That is a ton hockey coming our way. Here is some bad news, Danny Briere might not be able to start the season right away he has an injury to his wrist. The good news is that Bryz will be here on time. If you didn’t know he got kicked off his team in Russia for missing team events because he was playing astronaut instead..


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