Puck Heads: The return of the “Good” Bryz? Or should I say the Phoenix Bryz?


We are a little over a week before the Flyboy’s officially drop the puck and one Flyer is feeling outstanding. Of course that would be our good old friend Bryz. He  is ready, focused and in shape.  Yes, I said focused. Well, that is what he said. He also said that he learned a lot from his time in Philly last year. Here is a quote from him:

“I had a great experience the last year. I understand the philosophy of how it works here, the fans, media, even the management of the team. I make some notes in my head for myself. And I’m going to follow them.”

Lovely, I could of swore…never mind.  While playing astronaut out in Russia, and basically getting kicked off the team for it, he also played well. In 12 games  for CSKA Moscow of the KHL he had a 2.13 goals-against average and .913 save percentage. In this shorten 48 games season the Flyers are going to need him to be sharp about every night. Every game will be big.

Is Bryz ready for the workload? He should be. He only appeared in 59 games last season after posting 65 or mores games 3 straight years out in Phoenix.  Bryz on workload:

“I would love to play a lot,” Bryzgalov replied. “When I play in Phoenix, I play in almost 70 games. And I feel great.’’ via CSN

I feel great. Sorry, this dude is awesome. Now if only all this translates into his play. We all know last year was a disaster for him. But hey, its a new year and its a new season. Hopefully, he really is in the right frame of mind. If he is not, this shorten season well get ugly quick. I would like to see the Bryz from last March when he posted a record of 10-3 with 4 shut outs and a .947 SV%. Or I will just take the Bryz from Phoenix. That’s fine too.


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