Oh Snap! Hockey is Starting! Strategery is Needed!


I’m not going to sugarcoat it.  I really wasn’t expecting the NHL and NHLPA to come to an agreement after reading all of these reports. I really thought that after the NHL cancelled the Winter Classic that it was destined to slowly spiral down to the cancellation of the season. However, on Ed Snyder’s birthday came the glorious news to help jam in an abbreviated season which will require teams and fantasy leagues to jam pack the schedule, which will become a hockey fan’s dream.  Flyers playing 3 nights in a row? Uh, yes please. But where does that put you, the fantasy hockey junkie that was starving for the season after doing zero research? Let me guide you a bit.

One thing we need to consider this year is how the schedule is going to affect the league and players.  Personally, I think we will see a slight increase in injuries due to some players coming into camp out of shape and some players coming into camp IN shape due to having the eligibility to play for their minor league team or a team overseas. Here is what I am doing if I have the first overall pick…

With the first overall pick, “I Giroux All Over yo Face Sidney!” selects…

Los Angles Kings Goalie,  Jonathan Quick (nothing but crickets…)

Before you start your criticizing me, think about this.  This season is going to be an all out sprint in the NHL.  A normal season is 82 games.  This season is going to be an abbreviated 48 games which means teams can’t afford to fall behind in the first 20 games of the season.  Teams will be resting their 2nd and 3rd line skaters more often since this schedule is going to be brutal, but the top end goalies will be in net the majority of the time to help compensate for these decision, which leads to more saves and wins and that is where we can all really rack the points up.   If you are picking first overall and you take Malkin first, be prepared to have one of the worst goalies in your league as there will be a serious run on goalies in the beginning to the middle of the second round.

And for your viewing pleasure, please watch the video below to give yourself a reminder of how the last game between the Flyers and Pens ended…get mad.


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