Countdown to the 2013 NFL Draft: Alec Ogletree

2013 NFL Draft Logo

If you’re like me, then you’ve heard, maybe even been involved in, this drunk conversation a hundred times at various points during your life:

Eagle Fan Uno:  “Yo bro!  I would do a better job managing this team! My Madden ’13 team is 88  overall on All-Madden and I never miss on my first round picks!”

Eagle Fan Dos: “Ah man absolutely dude! Plus you’re fantasy team always rocks…Yo, check her out.”

Sadly, it isn’t that easy, but Eagles fans do know enough to be dangerous to their own front office while keeping Howie on his toes.  Now, this post isn’t as much about criticizing Howie, but merely offering some players that I would look at in the draft over the next few months.  The Eagles have talent in their front seven to build upon, but the Eagles need to find a creative defensive mind to use the strengths of the front seven players and Howie needs get some talent to work with for whoever comes in to coach this defense.  A shutdown corner wouldn’t be so bad either.

To do that, you need to set some strict parameters and follow them exactly to find IMPACT players.  Not just players who can make the team and contribute on special teams.  From what I can see, the Eagles are going to need 2 cornerbacks, 2 safeties, and a strong side linebacker.  Defensive Tackle could become an issue as well, but that will depend on what the Eagles do with Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson as rumors are swirling that they won’t be back in 2013.  I definitely don’t think the defense will be rebuilt in this draft, but 3 starters need to come from this draft and I have a couple reasonable options in mind.

Leading up to the draft I will go over some different prospects that I think could be good players for the Eagles and why they fit into what we need.  Today, I am going to focus on a very special linebacker.

Alec Ogletree, ILB, Georgia

Alex Ogletree

Georgia arguably had the best defense in college football in 2012.  You probably have heard of the highly touted OLB Jarvis Jones who more than likely will go in the top 5 of the upcoming draft as a 3-4 OLB.  The leader of that defense though is Alec Ogletree, who played the at the strong side inside linebacker position at Georgia.  He has great speed for a LB and he is tall, which is something the Eagles outside linebackers lack.  He is listed at 6’3″, 232 lbs. on the Georgia Bulldogs website and with that type of size and speed, he might be able to finally give the Eagles the strong side LB to cover the big, fast tight ends that have been exposing the Eagles for years.  He is the ideal player for the  SAM linebacker position and there is a chance that he could fall to the late part of the first round.  If he does, the Eagles need to be aggressive  to move up from the 35th pick and get him to sure up their linebacking corps.  This is an impact player that can cover the TE which will allow the Eagles to keep Mychal Kendricks at his more natural position as a WILL linebacker.  With DeMeco Ryans in the middle and a better defensive scheme, the Eagles could see some immediate impact with a player like this.

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