Sixers Balls: Bynum gets a sweat bead!


You have Bynum with a sweat bead, running on an anti-gravity treadmill, shooting jumps shots and no pain in his knees. I am not excited about Bynum. I am not excited about Bynum. I have to keep telling myself this. I am trying to keep my composure until I actually see him live in a game.

So I guess Bynum has moved up in his “6-Step Program”. He was shooting jump hooks, 12-footers and even took a couple of three-balls. He reportedly had very good touch on the ball.

My timeline on twitter was blowing up today about Bynum. But the best tweet of the day goes Bob Cooney of the Daily Times..

Looks like a bead of sweat forming on Bynum’s forehead. First bit of perspiration as a Sixer on the court.”

Nice. Bynum also talked bout how he felt..

Coming along well,” Bynum said with sweat on his brow. ”I am up to running now on the AlterG Anti-Gravity treadmill at a steady eight mile an hour clip for 20 minutes, so that’s good. Incorporating weights … it’s time to get ready, getting ready to play.” via CSN

Bynum also said he felt normal again..

 “I’m a regular basketball player again.”

That’s good. I wonder if he still ordering Grey Goose at half-time? Bynum also said that he is targeting the All-Star break for his return.

He will start moving side to side soon. By the way, Bynum was doing his shooting drills with his cell phone in his sock. This dude…


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  1. jumpingpolarbear | Reply

    They need him! Faaaast!! :).

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