Turnbuckle Times: **SPOILERS and WHAT IF’S**


Everyone in the wrestling world wants to know when Dolph Ziggler, “Mr. Show Off” himself, will cash in his Money In The Bank contract which he has had since Wrestlemania 28 of last year. It’s not a lot of time left to cash in since its just a 1 year contract, so that leaves him with about 20-25 live shows between now and Mania.

Right now the most obvious choice is Wrestlemania 29,it’s the BIGGEST show the company has, why not?? He will go after the Heavyweight Title and whomever the current champ is at the time which will likely be Alberta Del Rio, who just won the title this past week on Smackdown by defeating the Big Show. At Mania I see Dolph cashing in on whomever holds the title at the end of the day and winning BIG!

The Royal Rumble is less than two weeks away,people want to know who are the likely candidates to win the Rumble match. Well the most obvious and top choice is the guy who is the face of “Fruity Pebbles” right now, John Cena. He is coming off his worst year in professional wrestling in terms of wins and losses. He hasn’t held the WWE Title in well over a year and a half, it just feels fitting for him to get the title at Mania or at least the opportunity to face the Champ.

Next option is Sheamus,he is currently being pushed as the top face (good guy) on the Smackdown Brand and what better way to get him back in the World Title conversation,then to repeat winning the Rumble hasn’t Ben done in quite sometime.
Next option is The Miz, the fans has been getting behind him as of late and have him as the 2nd ranked face of the Raw Brand right now behind John Cena. So seeing him win the Rumble won’t surprise me with that and it will help his push greatly and get the fans behind him a great deal.

Last option is Wade Barrett, who is currently the IC Champ, but who is rumored to be in The World Title picture sometime this year and is a future top heel (bad guy) of the company. It may be a slim chance of him winning the Rumble, but don’t be surprised to see him in the World Title match at Mania,someway,somehow….


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