Sixers Balls: I have a confession to make. I do miss Lou-Will a little bit..

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Cleveland Cavaliers

I have to admit something; I was one of those fans that were leading the charge of letting go of Lou-Will. I still believe that it had to be done, especially for Jrue’s and Evan’s development.  The problem is,  if Lou did end up staying here, Collins would have had the ball in his hands instead of Jrue and Evan’s.

All I can remember is the end of games or quarters. It was always the same GOD DAMN play, four corners. It would drive me insane. Lou would hold on to the ball for about 20 seconds of the shot clock and then throw up a DUMB-ASS shot. The more I think about it actually, it had to be more of Doug’s fault for drawling up those plays. Whatever.

I would be lying to you if I said that Lou (14.1 ppg and 3.6 assists with the Hawks) would not help this Sixers team right now, especially with this Sixers bench. You knew on most nights that Lou would bring his game. The one thing Lou could do was fill-it up in a hurry.  He was great at drawling contact and getting to the line. Something that “Mr. Inconsistent” himself, Nick Young was brought here to do but does not. I have called him “Swaggy P” a few times but the way he has played this year he doesn’t have that much Swag. I truly believe that Young could get to the line more but he falls in love with his jumper to much.

Another reason that Lou was let go was that Doug/DiLeo were looking for more catch and shoot guys, there for having Jrue and Evan with the ball in their hands more and creating. When Nick is going well that is what he does best. Catch and Shoot. You know what else goes well with a catch and shoot player? That would be a low-post presence. That topic is for another day and hopefully soon. Lou could really score at times but he never was a catch and shoot player. He has always been a good one-on-one player.

With all that said, I do miss Lou some. I am sorry to hear that he is out for the season. Lou just tore his ACL the other night. Like I said before, it still was the right move to let him go.

Here is the video of Lou getting hurt. Its not pretty..


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