Philer Up!: Delmon Young? I would take a look..


Delmon Young?  According to and Jim Salisbury the Phils are seriously thinking it. He is a decent player that has not lived up to his full-potential. Young was a Big-Time hitting prospect when he was selected first overall in the 2003 draft by TampaBay.  There was that one time when he got all banged up and starting yelling crazy-as slurs at some people.  He got suspended seven days for it. Sounds like a Delco dude to me.

Young, 27, would be a nice right-handed bat that the Phils are looking for. Amaro is looking for that “low-risk, high-reward” type of player and Young fits right into that. The one problem is that he only started 29 games in left field for Detroit last season. His conditioning was a problem reportedly, if he hits and I don’t care if he is a Fat-Ass or not. He is only 27 years-old and he could be ready to finally take off.

I would take him even though that likely means that Dom Brown will not start. I like Brown and I was hoping that the Phils would finally give him a full-shot in right-field. I guess not.

Delmon is a career .289 with 89 home-runs and 482 rbi’s. He also has a career .316 OBP. His best season came with the Twins in 2010 when he hit .298 with 21 bombs 112 rbi’s and had a .333 OBP. He hit .267 with 18 bombs and had 74 rbi’s with the Tigers last season. By the way, WAR people can suck it. Just saying..


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