Philer Up! Terry Francona: “Philly is more bitter than Boston”…I love to spit Hot Fire..


Francona just can’t get Philly fans off of his mind. Our old friend was a guest on Bill Simmons radio show and during the show Simmons asked Terry this question..

Let’s say there’s an Olympics for bitter, angry, petulant sports fans, who fly off the handle when things aren’t going well, and the Finals are Philly and Boston?,” Simmons asked.

Francona’s answer…

“Oh, I would give it to Philly,” Francona said with a laugh. “I think they’re a little different. They’re both east coast, and they’re both obviously opinionated and really passionate. When I was in Philly, it was back in the late nineties and we were still at [Veterans Stadium]. Our teams weren’t very good. So the people who came out to the ballpark, they were more than happy to vent their frustrations,” Francona continued. via cbsphilly

He might be right. I know I enjoyed going to the Vet for Phils games. I loved getting thrown down five rows of seats in the 700 level and I also loved spitting HOT FIRE just like Dylan.

Terry goes on to say…

In Boston, it was actually much different. I mean, they love their teams. Now they’ll show their emotions, and give their opinions, but they absolutely love their guys, and I felt like I needed to be smart enough to understand that. You know, as the manager, you’re going to catch a little heat, and if you don’t understand that, or your skin’s not thick enough, then you have the wrong guy,” Francona said. via cbsphilly

So we don’t care?  That’s just a stupid statement. Terry, I can guarantee you that Boston fans can’t make their security guards miss like this…



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