Sixers Balls: At least we have Jrue..


In this hot-mess of a season, Jrue is this year’s silver lining. The 22 year -old is on his way to his first All-Star appearance and there should be many more to come. He’s actually the youngest All-Star in franchise history.

Jrue has developed into one of the best point guards in the league. The Sixers finally decided to hand over the KEYS to this team this past off-season. Doug finally put his trust into Jrue… Wait, what did I just say? Doug put what into Jrue? You know what I meant.

The former first round pick (17th overall) in 2009, has become building block for the next ten years. He did not have that much hype when was drafted by the Sixers. In his only year at UCLA, he played off the ball while Darren Collison (Mavericks) ran the show for the Bruins. Even though Jrue was considered one of the best PG’s in the nation when he recruited by UCLA.

In his first season as a 19-year-old he played behind Lou Williams and showed signs of his skill then. He averaged 8.o ppg and 3.8 assists 24.2 minutes a game. He had that veteran feel to the game even in his first year.  Then as the starting PG the next two seasons he made some strides even though Doug had the ball in the hands of Iggy and Lou-Will in key situations.

This year he has taken off and I love watching him play. Yes, I know he is turning the ball over a ton. He is actually second in the NBA in turnovers (152, average of 4.0 a game) and Harden is first (166, average of 3.9 a game). Turnovers are going to happen when a young player is given full freedom out on the court. I can almost guarantee that Jrue will learn to turn the ball over less. Jrue has also gotten praise around the league.

Steve Nash’s quote on Jrue..

 “I think he gives them obviously a very talented players but he also makes guys around him better.  He makes it more difficult for you to guard [Evan] Turner[Jason] Richardson and the other guys on the perimeter

He’s a terrific player,” Nash said.  “He’s an All-Star this year” via

Jrue’s ride started back in the summer when he and Kyrie Irving were hoopin against the Olympic team. Jrue was on the USA Select Team this past summer. Holiday thinks that played a big part in his breakout season…

It was definitely big playing with the USA Select Team this summer,” Holiday said. “Obviously, playing against the best players in the world and just seeing what they do, how they think and just picking their brains. That, and then the experience in the playoffs. A little bit of Derrick Rose,Paul Pierce and KG (Kevin Garnett), you just learn so much, so it was definitely big.” via CSN

Jrue has had two games of 30 plus points and 13 plus assists. That is pretty impressive assists totals, considering the way the Sixers offense is.  At least we have Jrue.

Here are some numbers on the top PG’s…

Name                   PPG                  ASSISTS            FIELD GOAL %             3-Ball %       TO’s

HOLIDAY           19.0                    9.0                     45%                                   35%                4.0

PARKER             19.8                     7.4                     47%                                   39%                2.4

IRVING                23.7                    5.7                     46%                                  39%               3.7

RONDO               13.4                      11.1                    48%                                  24%              3.8

D-WILL               17.0                     7.8                     40%                                   32%               2.7

CP3                       16.6                     9.7                      47%                                  33%                2.2

WESTBROOK  22.7                     8.1                     41%                                   33%               3.5


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  1. jumpingpolarbear | Reply

    Get rid of Bynum and get 5-6 young, healthy and hungry guys!

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