Countdown to the NFL Draft: Ryan Nassib

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It’s no secret the Eagles are looking at the QB position hard this off-season.  They are looking at what they have currently on the roster, the potential free agents that will be available (basically no one), the players that can be traded for (next to no one) or players in the draft. If we take a look at what Chip Kelly is looking to build here in Philly, you need to look at his basic requirements he has at the QB position.  He wants a QB who makes the right read, doesn’t turn the ball over and doesn’t take sacks.   Having a mobile QB is also a characteristic Kelly looks for, but they QB doesn’t have to have blazing speed.

Kelly’s offense is predicated on forcing the defense to make the defense read and react without them having time to huddle.  He believes is a hurry up offense that can cause match-up problems for the other team mixed in with efficient play calling at the line of scrimmage. This is what Kelly needs to find.  A QB who can process information quickly, read what the defense is doing and switch to correct play accordingly. A QB that is a leader and a student of the game.  I give you, Ryan Nassib.

Ryan Nassib

As of late, Ryan Nassib has been getting some serious coverage locally in the Delaware Valley area.  Part of that is because of the Senior Bowl, it is also partially because of the Senior Bowl this week, but the major reason is because Nassib has a very good chance at being a starter in the NFL and I for one believe in him.  If you do your homework, look at his tape, look at the numbers and all the small background details, we start seeing some great qualities.

Against Syracuse’s 3 toughest teams (#13 Louisville, #18 Northwestern, Cincinnati) Ryan had a completion rate of 61%, averaged 338 yards passing per game, had an 8-1 TD:INT ratio and even ran for a TD.  The toughest game they had been against Louisville and Nassib stepped up big.  15-23 for 246 and 3 TDs.  Against Northwestern Nassib was awesome and led Cuse’ to the lead with :240 left in the 4th Qtr, but the defense couldn’t protect the lead and Cuse lost by 1.  Finally against Cincinnati, 11 penalties and 2 missed FG’s made it borderline impossible for Nassib to be successful as his offensive line was not helping him much in protection.

Now the small details.  First, he was a 4 time Big East All-Academic.  What’s this mean? Dude’s smart.  He majored in Finance and is getting his Master’s Degree in Accounting while playing QB at Syracuse.  I majored in Finance and played a college sport as well and I can tell you that you have to work HARD to get this type of award.  It takes dedication.  Secondly, there isn’t one coach or teammate that has been interviewed that has said a bad word about Ryan’s character.  Teammate’s have said that he is consistently in the film room and a genuine leader.  It goes without question that this is needed for any football team and I want that and the Birds need it!  Finally, look at where Ryan started and where he has finished.  Coming out  of high school Nassib was the 82nd ranked HS Quarterback in the nation.  Now as the draft nears he is in the conversation as one of the top 3 or 4 QBs in the draft and is pushing to be the first one taken.  This tells me something.  It tells me that he isn’t just in the film room, weight room and practice field going  through the motions.  He is doing all those things and doing them the right way.  Mike Bucci, one of my favorite baseball coaches I ever had growing up, once said, “Whoever told you that practice makes perfect was wrong.  Perfect practice makes perfect.”  I completely agree with that statement and with what we have seen and heard about Nassib, it seems that he believes in practicing this way too.  I want that type of work ethic when this offense is installed.

I’m not sure if Ryan will be a Philadelphia Eagle.  But as I see it right now, he has what it takes to be successful in the NFL with his 6’2″ frame and strong arm.  He is excellent on his short passes and with some time he can improve on his intermediate and long range passes.  He has shown the ability to keep plays alive by breaking tackles when he scrambles.  Regardless at what happens in the Senior Bowl game this weekend, Nassib is a QB that would interest me as a coach a potentially build around.

Fantasy Football Impact

Nassib probably won’t be much of a fantasy football asset his first year as growing pains will be expected, but being the fantasy football dork that I am, I will be taking Nassib if he is there in the second or third round of my fantasy football dynasty league rookie draft.  I’m sticking him on my practice squad and I am going to watch him grow into a great fantasy football asset in a few years.

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