Puck Heads: Well, that was a fun week…


That was a crazy-ass week to start the season. For the Love of God, you had Homer ready to ship out everyone but Giroux after the Flyers started 0-3. There were rumors flying around that he was ready to unload. There are still rumors that Homer is keeping tabs on P.K. Subban and Corey Perry. Homer is always ready and willing to make a move.

Here is a quick recap of the Flyers in just one week…

Hartnell out for 4-6 weeks. He had successful surgery on his foot.

– Meszaros is hurt again. He is out a month with shoulder injury.

-Briere is back but only can play wing for now because of his wrist. He can’t take face-offs yet.

– Laughton sent down to Juniors because of Briere’s return.

– Mike Knuble is back. Flyers love to bring back their old players.

– Bryz has been rock solid. He has a 2.22 GAA and .923 save %.

– Simmonds has been the best Flyer besides Bryz.

– Eric Wellwood is sent down.

– The Schenn brothers hit everything in sight.

– Coatesy and Bill Clement love to talk about WOOD.

– Coatesy also teaches us how ice melts.

– There is a Michael Leighton sighting. That was just odd as hell to see him in net.

Did I miss anything?

Obviously, the Flyers are now 2-4 after the loss to Tampa. They looked tired in that game. By the way, when did Tampa become the Devils? They blocked a ton of shots and were in great defensive position all game long. Moving on…

This team could use another scorer. Giroux needs another player with him on that TOP line. This just could be me but is Bradyen Schenn a little overrated? Yes, I love his toughness and the way he throws his weight around but I really don’t see anything special about him offensively. If I was Homer he would be the guy I would try to move.


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