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Philer Up! I might have a “Man-Crush” on Dom Brown..


Guess who’s raking!? That would be Dom Brown. Brown is 4-for-9 with two homers and a double in five games thus far. By the way, he also made a nice running catch at the left-field wall yesterday.  What will Charlie and Amaro do now? I am telling you, one of those dudes doesn’t like him.

I mean, what excuse will they come up with for him not play? Sorry, I am just being an ass. I am just sick of hearing about how Dom can’t do this or that (field and stay healthy), instead of hearing things that he can do (run, throw and work the count). Dom just needs to play.  That’s the only way that the Phils will truly know what they have in him.

Dom has been on a helluva ride so far in his young career.  Brown was called up to the Phillies on July 28, 2010 after Shane Victorino was placed on the disabled list. He started from July 28 until August 11. Then after that he was relegated to pinch hitting the rest of the season.

Then in 2011 he started in the minors again. He was called up in mid-May then he was sent back down on July 29, when Hunter Pence was acquired. He ended up being a September call-up and got 1 at-bat in September. Then we are told that he needs more time to develop defensively and that is the reason why he starts in the minors for the 2012 season, while we watched Juan Pierre and Ty Wigginton play the outfield so well.

 Listen, I am not saying that Dom is the next Ted Williams, all I am saying is that Amaro and Charlie have not helped this kid at all. Injuries have hurt Dom as well.

Dom said that he feels good right now at the plate. He credited a tip from first-year assistant hitting coach Wally Joyner gave him early in camp to speed his swing up.  Salisbury of CSNPhilly describes the adjustment Joyner and Brown made.

It’s way to early  to get all crazy about Dom, even though I am. It’s just nice to see the kid get off to a good start. Brown’s career numbers are .236 average with 12 home-runs and 58 rbi’s in 433 AB’s. He also has a .316 OBP. 

I think I might have a “Man-Crush” on Dom.

Sixers Balls: Doug’s World Class Rant. Just in case you missed it..


Just in case you missed it, I figured to give you part of  Doug’s rant after that embarrassing loss to the Magic.  Here is the full transcript, if you like to read it on CSNPhilly.

I do feel bad for Collins the coach, but I don’t feel bad for Collins the talent evaluator. At the end of the day, this is his roster. He has the final say.

On Team’s lack of effort

“Well I sure didn’t see this effort coming. I thought we played incredibly hard against Miami. I thought we played incredibly hard in New York on Sunday. And this is mind-numbing to me. We went up 29-20, and from that point on, I couldn’t even tell you what occurred.”[Pat Summitt] is one of the all-time great coaches, and she spoke at my clinic when I was in Chicago, and she was incredible. And I’ll never forget what she said. She said when she goes into young ladies’ homes to recruit them, she said there are three things that you have to bring in my program: energy, effort and execution. And I’m in charge of one of them: execution.”

“I think the team that we’ve tried to put together, Gonzo, we’ve never seen. And so I think what happens is, when you take a huge piece away from it, your warts show.” via CSN

On leaving the court before the buzzer:

“I thought the clock was going to wind down. I didn’t realize they were going to take a shot clock violation.”

Did he leave because he was pissed:

“Oh no no no no no. I thought the clock was going to wind down. I didn’t realize there was a differential. I’ve done that before.”

If the players are cool with losing:

“You would have to ask them that. I don’t know. I do not know. The thing about it is, I can’t speak for others. Damien Wilkins — I mean he’s been one of our best players since coming back from break. I told you, I did not think our guys prepared themselves during the break to come back to play.”

Can he change them:

“Can I tell you something? If everybody looked inside themselves as much as I did, this world would be a CAT scan. OK? I mean, believe me, there’s not two days go by that I don’t to go Rod [Thorn], I don’t go to Tony [DiLeo] — what can I do? Can I do anything different? How can I be a better coach? How can I be a better leader? How can I help these guys? Sometimes you’ve gotta help yourself. You know? Sometimes you’ve gotta help yourself. Youth is a very blaming thing.” via CSN

Does he have leaders:

“To me, I’m a day’s work for a day’s pay kind of guy. That all I’ve ever been taught. And the one thing I have to understand is — from me staying up, working harder, not sleeping — that’s not going to help anything. There’s nothing wrong with our preparation.

Media official says a couple more questions:

“Yeah, go ahead, I don’t mind. Hey, I’m having fun. I feel like I’m at the State of the Union.”

WAG Wednesday…Tanya Robinson

WAG stands for Wives And Girlfriend’s and every Wednesday we bring you the hottest WAGs of professional athletes from all sports across the world. This weeks WAG is Tanya Robinson. Robinson is an English model represented by neon management. She was born in 1981 in Wigan, Greater Manchester, England. Tanya has appeared on the cover of Zoo Weekly, Ice, and several times in FHM Magazine, as being the winner of their inaugural “High Street Honeys” competition in 2002, and being named to their “100 Sexiest Women in the World” list in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. She sparked a debate in her hometown when she posed naked in front of a local historic pub for an FHM cover shot. Since winning the FHM High Street Honeys competition, Robinson has done various photo shoots for magazines such as FHM and Nuts. She is often involved with winners of the High Street Honeys from other years and tours clubs around the country in the “Honeys On Tour” promotion for FHM. Robinson is married to soccer player Stephen Taylor.

Puck Heads: Gagne is back. Time to dust off the old jersey…


No other Philly team brings back former players like the Flyers. Once a Flyer always a Flyer, as they say… One of the biggest fan favorites is back. As you probably already know Simon Gagne is back with the Flyboys

The Flyers traded a conditional 2013 fourth-round draft pick (third-round, if they make the playoffs) to the Kings for him. Not going to lie, I am very happy that I can dust off my old Gagne jersey.

I know Gagne is only 32, but we are not getting the old Gagne back. He has only played in 11 games this year and has zero goals and 5 assists. He has been mostly a healthy scratch this season. Gags has really been hampered by injuries and concussions the last few years.

Gagne still can bring that veteran leadership/character that this team could use. He still can be a solid third-line player. Gags talked about how he feels right now…

I’m 100 percent now,” Gagne said. “I was really excited about this year because of that, but unfortunately things didn’t work the way it was here in L.A. this year, so now having a chance to play with Philly and play on a regular basis, I’m really excited to try that. It will be fun.” via csn

Glad to have you back Simon. You will get a very nice standing ovation on your first shifted. Gagne collected 528 points in 664 games with the Flyers. Since the Flyers traded him away, he  has only 62 points in the 108 games.

TurnBuckle: Star Suffers Legit Injury on RAW

The fight between Triple H and Brock Lesnar last night on RAW was a battle between two Goliath’s.  A true “slobber knocker”.   The two traded blow after blow.

Shortly into the battle, Brock started bleeding pretty good from his head.  But despite all that bleeding the two still continued trading blows.   It turns out it was a legitimate cut.

News was broke by with more details on the injury:

Brock Lesnar was legitimately busted open during the opening segment of Raw during his brawl with Triple H.

Lesnar received twelve staples to close the wound and is now walking around telling everyone he is completely fine. He is a beast.

UFC 157: Fight of the Night

Going into this fight, I texted my buddy Jim and said in a round about way that Matt Grice was about to get his butt kicked by Dennis The Menace.  I was wrong.  They were both about ready to get their butts kicked.  I give you the best fight that I have scene in 2013.  The 3rd round is unbelievable!

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Countdown to the 2013 NFL Draft: Dion Jordan

If you know me, you know how I felt about Jason Pierre-Paul when he was an NFL prospect.  I had a total man crush on him.  Anyone who is as big as JPP and can do 13 backflips is someone I want on my team.  Someone else I am starting to get a man crush on is Dion Jordan, DE/OLB from Oregon.  It’s a little corny when the mock draft bloggers start linking college players with their former coaches that just left for the NFL a la Taylor Mays/Pete Carroll.  This however is something I can truly see the Eagles when it is their turn to pick at #4 overall.Dion Jordan

Please raise your hand if you want a guy on your team similar to Jason Pierre-Paul.  Dion Jordan measured in at 6’6″ 248 lbs and scouts believe he can put on about 15 lbs of muscle WITHOUT sacrificing speed or explosion.  This guy ran a 4.6 40 yard dash!  So basically these scouts/experts are saying that Dion Jordan could run at that same speed in a 263 lb frame?! Are you kidding me?

There are a couple reasons why I think this pick might make sense.  It looks like the Eagles are switching to a hybrid 3-4 defense and I get the sense that Chip Kelly is a big believer in being diverse.  With Dion Jordan he can create amazing pressure off the end and was even athletic enough to cover WR’s in college which might translate into him being able to cover the freakish TEs this league is starting to uncover.  Trent Cole also turns 31 during the season and is starting to lose his explosiveness.  I’m not even sure how well he fits into a 3-4 scheme.  He certainly can’t drop into coverage as the Eagles had tried that several times in the past.

I’m not sure how I feel about Geno Smith or any other offensive lineman not named Luke Joeckle at the 4th overall pick.  I need to watch more tape and research them a bit more.   When I wrote this post the DBs hadn’t gone through their drills so I’m anxious to see what DeMarcus Millner can do, but someone I have no problem with the Eagles taking with the #4 pick overall is Jordan and if they step to the podium and announce his name as the pick, I’ll applaud the decision.

Fantasy Perspective:

If you are in an IDP league that rewards heavily for sacks and turnovers, Jordan will be someone you will want to get onto your fantasy team regardless of the defense he plays in.  He will be similar in production to JPP in a 4-3 defense and Aldon Smith in a 3-4 scheme.  His rookie year may not get to the double-digit sacks that are required of #1 DE/OLB’s in fantasy, but year two will see him with 15 sacks and 4 forced turnovers.  Draft him anywhere from the 2oth-30th pick overall and stash him on your practice squad if you have one.  Bottomline, every NFL GM or Fantasy GM needs to make this guy a part of their team.

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Some guys trying to be athletes

Sixers Balls: Doug loves himself some Moe..


The day Tony DiLeo was hired we all knew it meant that Doug Collins was hired as the GM. There were rumors of Rod Thorn and Collins having a power struggle during last year’s off-season. I am not sure if Collins was the reason for Thorn stepping down, but I guarantee that Doug helped push Thorn out the door.

So basically, Doug has the final say. I still think trading for Bynum was the right move. I also believe that the Sixers knew that Bynum was not completely healthy. They obviously didn’t know he was hurt this bad. Or was it just that one God Damn night when he went bowling? Maybe…

They took a shot and they came up empty. I don’t blame them at all. This franchise has been starving for a difference maker since AI left. Say what you want, Bynum is a difference maker when he is on the court. If he was healthy this year the Sixers could be 7-10 games above .500, instead of being 10 games under.

With all that said, it seems as if someone has been having some MAJOR second thoughts. Ric Bucher reported that Collins is infatuated with checking Moe Harkless’s box scores. Bucher:

” Collins basically said Bynum’s absence killed the 76ers’ season and he sees little chance of Bynum returning to change that based on how he looked — sources say that Collins has been consumed (does he do anything any other way?) with tracking the boxscores and performances of Moe Harkless, the rookie forward the Sixers sent to Orlando as part of the deal that netted them Bynum.”

Well, I am surprised he didn’t mention Vucevic as well. Vouch is averaging a double-double (12.3 ppg and 11.4 rpg) for Orlando.  Doug my man, I thought I had it bad.

Harkless, 19, is averaging 5.8 ppg and 4.1 rpg in 20.8 minutes a game. He also is shooting 46% from the field. Moe’s play of late has to be the reason for Doug’s obsession. In the month of February, Harkless is averaging 11.5 ppg and 6.9 rpg in 35.4 minutes. He is averaging over 14 points in his last 5 games.

Bucher thinks that is the reason as well. Bucher:

“I can’t say I’ve watched a load of Magic games this season or have a feel for the kind of season Harkless has had, but he’s 19 and more or less has been in the rotation making a contribution all season long. That’s more, obviously, than Bynum has done and it’s not hard for me to imagine Collins torturing himself (and, quite possibly, others) with that fact.”

Ric, I totally agree.

Philer Up: Dykstra looks to be fitting in..


One of  my favorite Phillies of all-time seems to be adjusting well in jail. TMZ was able to get their hands on this never-before-seen mug shot of Lenny.

As we all know, Dykstra is behind bars for a ton of crimes. Starting with  grand theft auto and bankruptcy fraud. I almost forgot, he also has two Craigslist incidents.

Man, the “Dude” has fallen hard.

TurnBuckle: Has The Phenom Finally Returned for His Road To WrestleMania!!??


I know I’m a little late getting this out. I was busy getting ready for my kid’s birthday party. Because they decided to be born on the same day. Yeah, I know crazy right? So I was a little tied up.

But anyway, let me get to the point here. During a live event Saturday in Waco, Texas the Undertaker made a surprising appearance.  The crowd went nuts when they heard his music start to play mostly because his appearance was one that was never advertised and took the crowd by surprise.

The Phenom competed in a tag team match.  In which he partnered with Sheamus to face Damien Sandow and Wade Barrett.

If it pans out the way I think this surprise appearance is supposed to, Taker makes another appearance tonight on RAW because they are in Dallas, Texas.

We haven’t seen The Undertaker since the 1,000th episode of RAW back in July of 2012. And that was just pretty much for 5 minutes.

Could this be a publicity stunt by the WWE until they really figure out if he is coming back just to keep the ratings up and the money flowing in? Or will he defiantly make another appearance tonight on RAW?