Puck Heads: Giroux talks about struggles…

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Most “experts” say that the Flyers could use another “D” man. I agree, but this team needs help up front first. What they need are players to play with Giroux on the top line. Hartnell is out obviously, so what does that mean? Giroux’s line from last season is now completely gone.

Giroux has struggled so far in the early going. His main struggle is finding chemistry with line-mates. He has 2 goals and 2 assists in 7 games so far. “G” is not happy with himself either…

Obviously, I’m not happy with my game,” Giroux said after Thursday’s rare team practice. “But it’s only seven games. It’s a long season. I’m staying positive, and things are going to turn around pretty quick.” via CSN

So until the Flyers trade for Bobby Ryan, what should they do?  Well, they are putting Briere and Simmonds on the first line with Giroux. It could work. I mean, I don’t think Briere is a first-line player in this point of his career anymore but he could find that chemistry again he had with “G” over in Germany. As for Simmonds, he has been one of the best Flyers this year so far. It’s worth a shot.

Giroux continues to talk about the Flyers rough start…

“It’s not the start we wanted, but we have to deal with it right now,” Giroux said. “It’s only seven games. In a season, you will have a little slump like that. Maybe it is good that it is happening right off the bat.

“The guys are positive here. Everybody came to the rink with a smile on their face and happy that we are playing hockey.” via CSN

Paging Bobby Ryan! Sorry, I can’t help myself.


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  1. Never thought I’d say this but, they miss jagr! Also,were lacking the speed on the d, they are to slow breaking out of the zone. G will be fine he just has to find his space. Getting knuble back will work out.With him and Simmons we have players that like to be a force in front. Would it be Philly without drama, Let’s Go Flyers!!!!!!!

    1. Dude, I miss Jagr too. I know he was only here for a year but Giroux had very good chemistry with him.

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