TurnBuckle: Broc Lesnar makes comback on RAW

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 This past Monday, RAW went off the air just after Vince McMahon was attacked by Broc Lesnar. Right before Vince could say his ever so famous two words….”YYYOOOUUURRRR FFFIIRRREEEDDDD” to Paul Heyman, Broc’s music started to play. He came down to the ring and delivered the “F5” to the chairman. It was reported the next day on WWE.com that McMahon suffered a broken left hip.

I have been wondering when Broc would make his comeback during this year’s road to WrestleMania, especially after signing his contract extension. I didn’t think it would be by attacking his boss though. Then again it makes perfect sense. By attacking Vince and putting him out for sometime who is going to fill his position? Who better than Triple H!!

The attack on Vince was just sparking the fire again in this battle between Broc and Triple H. In case you all forgot last year Broc attacked and broke the arm of Triple H’s best friend Shawn Michaels just before their match at Summer Slam.  Then in their grueling and intense match at Summer Slam Lesnar came out on top beating Triple H.

This feud could perhaps be leading to a main event down the road. This just makes the road to WrestleMania that more interesting. I really do see the WWE taking these current events even further by Triple H coming back.

Just in case this happened past your bedtime….Here is a clip on what happened

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