TurnBuckle: Chris Jericho signs short term deal/return at Royal Rumble

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This news is a few days old.  The WWE has signed Chris Jericho to a short-term deal according to Wrestlescoop.com.  Now, I don’t follow his band Fozzy closely but I thought he was going on tour or something again that’s why he left last year.  But clearly that’s not the reason now.

In this short-term deal the WWE has him working full-time through WrestleMania.  A few sources say he will have a feud with Dalph Ziggler and then turn heel.

These two have had a past feud last summer before Chris Jericho left.  Jericho enjoys putting on good matches with other superstars that have great potential, even if it involves losing.  He just cares about entertaining and he’s good at it.

During this time, Jericho and Zeigler will feud and have a match at the Elimination Chamber.  After this Jericho will turn heel and possibly battle Rybak at this year’s WrestleMania. It’s pretty much here say at this point though.

Jericho’s return at this year’s Royal Rumble was really surprising.  Not only because it was kept such a big secret by the WWE, but also during a match that leaves you counting down from 10 every time the counter pops up on the TV screen.  I’m not gonna lie, this is me….

Here’s a clip of his awesome return

Contributor: BLock  @block_TLP


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