Kobe’s 81 or Wilt’s 100?

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Kobe’s 81 or Wilt’s 100?  The other day I was fighting with a few of my co-workers about this.  Some of them said that Kobe’s was more impressive strictly because Wilt was bigger than everyone. Even one guy said that Wilt’s 100 point-mark might not even happen. Hmmm, Illuminati?

I had to break the news to him that it did. Yes, I know there was not many people in attendance and it was not televised, mainly because College Basketball was the “Big-Dog” at the time.  The NBA was not considered a Major Sport yet. BUT there is evidence besides the picture of him hold up a piece of paper reading 100 points. It was also said that the game never even ended.

WCAU radio broadcast found a copy of the game in 1988. Wilt actually stood at half-court for the final 46 seconds. The reason he stood at half-court he said, “100 sounded better than 102”.  You know what? It kinda does. By the way, the players that guarded Wilt in that game were Darrall Imhoff  (6-10) and Cleveland Buckner (6-9).

I even saw a local “expert” say that Kobe’s 81 was more impressive. His reasoning, “Don’t argue something that you did not see.” Well, I can tell you one thing, he did not see that shit either. The local “expert” that I am talking about is a former Eagles player that played under Andy Reid. Weak bro.

The bottom line is that both are impressive as hell. Kobe had 55 points in the second-half of his 81 point game. I don’t care that he was playing the Raptors and that Jalen Rose was guarding him at one point. The Raptors tried a bunch of different players to guard him. Yup, that worked out well. The Lakers scored 73 points in the second-half and Kobe had all but 18 of them. You might want to double check that. I went to Catholic school for 12 years.

Kobe shot 28 of 46 from the floor, including 7 of 13 from 3-point range and 18 of 20 from the foul line. He left the game to left to a standing ovation with 4.2 seconds remaining in the game in a 122-104 victory over the Raptors in 2006.

Wilt actually broke his own record (78 points) with 100 point performance. Wilt shot 36 of 63 from the floor and shot 28 of 32 from the foul line in the 169-147 win over the Knicks back on March 2, 1962. In the fourth quarter of that game, the Knicks began fouling other players on purpose to keep the ball away from Wilt. The Knicks also took their time on offense for another way to keep the ball from Wilt.  Obviously, that didn’t work out well.

There have been twenty different players that have scored 60 or more points in a game. There has only been four players that have scored 60 points more than once, Wilt 32 times, MJ 5 times, Kobe 5 times, and Elgin Baylor 4 times.

You can say all you want that Kobe’s was better or that Wilt’s was better. The fact is that both were amazing. That’s a FACT and the rest is just opinion. One last thing, the rule “3 seconds in the lane” was already in place well before Wilt starting playing ball.


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