MY BHAG for Mike Trout

Big Hairy Aggressive Goal

He doesn’t need much of an introduction.  Michael Nelson Trout is a local boy (Millville) who has been described as an “ANVIL SALESMAN”.  That’s the only thing you need to know come draft day.  I mean come on, who doesn’t want a guy that’s the size of an Anvil Salesman on their team. He is a virtual lock as a top 5 pick and I am toying with the notion of taking him #1 overall (if I get lucky enough) and you should too.

Mike Trout

At 6’1″, 200 lbs. Mike is an intimidating man, especially when you consider his accomplishments as a 20-year-old in MLB.  He batted .326, with 30 HRs and 83 RBIs while primarily batting from the leadoff spot.  He led the league in SBs (49) and Runs Scored (129) and missed the first 20 games of the season because he was out in Salt Lake playing minor league ball.  His stats will be very scary if he plays a full season.

After coming up just short of the AL MVP (in my opinion due to East Coast Bias) Mike is primed to make another run at the MVP title.  He is a hard-working guy who has sluggers Josh Hamilton, Albert Puljos, and Mark Trumbo batting behind him.  He is a role model for kids and I equate him to the Calvin Johnson of football.  The sky is literally the limit for this kid and the fact that I pass his neighborhood on my way down to Sea Isle City every weekend in the summer is mind-bottling.  If you read this and don’t draft him first, Anvil Salesmen will haunt your dreams throughout the summer.  Just sayin.  My goal for this post is for him to be drafted first overall by every single Delaware Valley Fantasy Baseball league this summer. That’s my BHAG for Mike Trout. Fingers crossed…

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2 responses

  1. Did you really just type “mind-bottling”? Are you retarded?

    1. I’m gonna venture a guess and say you aren’t much of a movie buff?

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