Eagles… Lurie still trying to one up Banner. In a odd way…


Every where you look there are people bashing the Birds for hiring Billy Davis. I mean, can’t say they are wrong. The dude is coming from a 5-11 team and he doesn’t really have a track record of success.  Davis was a “DC” with the 49ers in 2005-06 and he also was the Arizona’s “DC” in 2009-10. His defense’s under him have ranked 32nd, 26th, 14th, 31st in yards and 30th, 24th, 11th, 26th in points.  Yup, that kinda speaks for itself.

So let me get this straight, the Eagles have stolen Chip Kelly from the Browns,  Pat Shurmur and now Billy Davis. Jeffrey, you do have a personal vendetta against Banner. Well, Banner is likely thanking him for taking Shurmur and Davis.  With Shurmur though,  I believe that he is one of those guys that are better coaches behind the scenes. He is very good with QB’s.  With Davis that is a different story.

Can’t really say that the Eagles got their man. It took them 3 weeks to decide on him. Davis interviewed with the Eagles back on Jan. 28,  reported by CSNPhilly. It’s obvious they where looking at 49ers secondary coach Ed Donatel, until the Niners said “You shall not talk to him”. The Eagles can spin it anyway they want. He was NOT their man. It seems as if they where just so infatuated with 3-4 scheme that brought Davis in any way.

Davis  has operated both the 3-4 and 4-3 schemes along the way in his coaching career. Maybe, that’s why he was brought in. Maybe, he can help make a smoother transition into the 3-4.   To be honest with you, all I really know about Davis is what his track record says.  But hey, he made DRC a Pro-Bowler before. Just what everyone wanted to hear, DRC coming back.

I will give him the benefit of the doubt for right now.  When Andy took over back in 1999,  the coaches he brought in where not house hold names either. A lot of them turned out pretty DAMN well.


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