TurnBuckle: Bo Dallas Family History in Pro Wrestling

Well, yet another family tree has formed in the business.  As we all know there have been many generations of different families to come up thru the business.  Some  of the notable families includes the  DiBiase’s, your Rhodes’, your Orton’s and many more.  But the most recent has come about when rookie Bo Dallas made his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble of this year.

His real name is Taylor Michael Rotunda.  He started his debut as the 16th entrant into this years Royal Rumble and eliminating Wade Barrett.  Then the next night on RAW he defeated Barrett in a singles match.  Okay…. so who is this new guy related to?  Well, his Dad, Uncle’s and Grandfather were very talented superstars of wrestling’s past.  His brother is currently with the WWE.  Together they are one of the business’ most successful families.

Bo’s father we all know as Irwin R. Schyster aka I.R.S real name Michael Rotunda.  The Syracuse graduate began his career in 1981 in the F.W.C (Florida Championship Wrestling).  Through out years after he bounced back and forth between different federations like the AWA, NWA, WCW and a couple federations over in Japan.  He has won many championships, including the one that we are more familiar with the “WWF” tag-team championship 5 times.  He retired in 2004 and opened a security company with is wife.  By 2006 he found himself back with the WWE as a road agent.

Both of his uncles were professional wrestlers.  One being Barry Windham, who was a former member of the four horseman.  Barry started his career in the early 80’s.  Along the way he went by a few different names like his real name Barry Windham, “The Widowmaker”, “The Stalker” and a few others.  After wrestling he became a producer for the WWE.

His other uncle Kendall Windham also a wrestler,  although he was the least known of the family.  Kendall spent many years in the business.  He started his career in 1985 for Champions Wrestling from Florida.  He had a short stint with WCW where he teamed up with his brother Barry to beat Harlem Heat for the tag titles in June of  ’99.  He spent the majority of his career in Florida where he had the most success of his career.

His grandfather Robert Jack Winham was known more famously as BlackJACK  Mulligan.  Damn, do I have to say it!!??  Yes, I do…WHO’S JJJAAACCCKKKK!!??  Well,  BlackJACK wrestled in the 70’s and early 80’s.  He also had another persona called Big Machine but being one-half of the BlackJACKs with BlackJACK Lanza  is what put him on the map.  Together they went on to become tag champs in 1975 and were known as one of the best tag team’s of their era.  Then in 2006 the team was inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Before his wrestling career he played football in college and had a brief stint in a pre-season with the New York Jets.

Last but not least, Bo’s brother Windham Rotunta is currently a wrestler. Was known as Husky Harris when he was with the Nexus in the WWE.  Currently he goes by Bray Wyatt.  He made his NXT debut in 2010 where he is currently on the roster.


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