Puck Heads: So this is the Bryz we have been looking for..


The Bryz that the Flyers signed from Phoenix has finally arrived. Man, he has looked good. He teased us with a little glimpse of the player he was in Phoenix in March of last year, when he posted a record of 10-3 with 4 shut outs and a .947 SV% during that time frame.

Without Bryz’s play the Flyers would be even in a bigger hole to start this season. He said in the beginning of the year that he was in the right frame of mind. Bryz…

I had a great experience the last year. I understand the philosophy of how it works here, the fans, media, even the management of the team. I make some notes in my head for myself. And I’m going to follow them.”

Maybe, he has finally learned from all the “Universes” knowledge on how to deal with the Philadelphia media and fans. My apologies that was a DUMB-ASS joke

The biggest difference I see in Bryz this year is confidence. He looks calm and focused in the net.  He is ranked 12th in goals against with 2.27 and ranks 13th in save percentage with .921 percentage. Those numbers number would be even better if the Flyboys played better in front of him.  The Flyers “D” has been a little better of late.

After Saturday’s win over the Hurricanes, Bryz is now 3-0-1 and has allowed just nine goals over his last four games. He will continue to see a heavy workload in the near future. Actually, the main reason for that is Michael Leighton.  The one game that Leighton started this year he looked atrocious. Need I say more?

Bryz does need a break coming up here soon. So expected to see Leighton at least once in this up coming week I would think. Take a deep breath people. It will be OK, we got Bryz now.


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