Eagles: I thought we were done with the Andy Reid Era?


When I first heard the news of Vick returning I started to laugh. Seriously…Then the laughing slowly became frustration. I thought we where done with this whole Mike Vick experiment.  What happened to turning the page on the Andy Reid era?

I thought Kelly said he could mold a QB into his system or adjust his system to his personal?  I guess not or maybe he just refuses too. Either way, this move just doesn’t make sense.

Kelly said the main reason to bring back Vick is his skill set and he’s not that old:

He’s younger than (Dallas quarterback) Tony Romo, and he’s right about the same age as (Giants quarterback) Eli Manning,” Kelly said. “The only reason I say that is because I told Michael that this morning, and he didn’t know.”

So the first QB you bring up is Tony Romo. That’s interesting. Do you understand Eagles fans?

Kelly goes on…

I looked at the films, and studied the tape. When you look at Michael, it’s his toughness. That cannot be overrated at all,” Kelly said. “We looked at his skill set. He still has that skill set. He can still throw the football. He’s got an unbelievable release, and it’s our job as coaches to make sure he can get the ball out quickly.” via ESPN

I am not an expert but Vick is not Vick anymore. What made him special was his speed. He doesn’t run away from tacklers like he use too.  Defensive line-men are catching him now.

I could have sworn that Kelly said he wants a QB that makes smart and quick decisions. I am sorry Vick fans, that is not Mike and never was. So Chip thinks he can help a soon to be 33-year-old…Sorry, meant to say 33-years-young QB, make better decisions with the ball. So he is going to learn how to not force a throw and when to throw the ball away. He will also learn when to slide and how to take care of the ball. That’s not happening, Chip.  He is 33-years-OLD, he is what he is.

So what does this mean for Foles? I guess it means that the 6 game-sample he had was enough for the Eagles brass to come to a conclusion about Foles. In the 6 games Foles played in, he completed 61 percent of his passes. He also threw for 243 yards per game. According to Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly, no other NFL rookie quarterback has ever done that.

It seems that Foles could be a likely trade candidate now. I know that Kelly said in his press conference that the starting QB will be an open competition. Chip you did not bring back Vick at 7.5 million (10 million incentives) to be your backup.

I am not saying Foles is the QB of the future but to judge him on 6 games is just stupid. He would have been a fine stop gap for the Birds. The worst thing that could happen is that he struggles and the Birds get a higher pick in next season draft. This really is a transition year anyway.

Kelly talked about moving forward…

Moving forward we, as an organization, had to make a decision what to do with Michael, and I want Michael to be part of this team.”

So going with a 33-year-old QB, that has made the same mistakes over and over again in his career, instead of a 24-year-old QB that did some good things. That sounds like we are still moving backwards there Chippy.


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