Philer up!: Chase looking healthy early. Fingers Crossed..


With the Flyers struggling for offense, the Sixers getting embarrassed and the Eagles bringing back Vick, I was looking for some good news in Philly sports. I think the Phils might have it.

I don’t want to get carried away here but Chase is actually healthy right now, something that we have not seen in three years at the start of spring training. I probably just jinxed the dude.

On the day before the first official workout, Amaro talked about how Chase looks…

Chase is doing great,” GM Ruben Amaro Jr. said. “He looks great. He feels ready to go.”

Maybe, Chase has finally found away to strengthen his muscles around his knee. Anyone with a knee problem (me) knows that is the key. Chase has always been known to work out hard during the off-season. I would think he pulled back some.

Amaro touched on Chase’s workouts…

“I don’t know if he’s cleared this thing,” But we’ve managed it better and he’s managed it better and he feels ready to go. He’s done a lot to prepare himself and hopefully it all works.” via CSNPHILLY

If the Phils are going to make run at the Nationals and the Braves they are going to need Utley healthy as possible. Captain obvious STRIKES AGAIN! Seriously though, we all know that Chase will never be fully healthy ever again. BUT if he can stay relatively healthy and play around 125 -130 games, that would go along way for the Phils this year.

Amaro also talked about how the Phils are going to handle Utley in spring training…

We’re not going to play him every day,” Amaro said. “Typically we don’t play our guys every day in spring training. There’s no rush to get him in games in March. What’s important is he’s ready to play in April, but we do want to get him into some games in March because it hasn’t happened the last two years.” via CSNPHILLY

That would be nice…


One response

  1. Didn’t they say he was healthy at the start of Spring Training in 2012 too? Until he plays in a game, I’m skeptical.

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