Sixers Balls: Collins on communicating with players…


While the Sixers are on a mid-season break, Dei Lynam of CSN had a pretty good interview with Doug Collins. Before I go any further, I completely understand if you would like the Sixers to stay on break. You won’t get an argument from me. For those who still care for some dumb-ass reason (me included) I will go on.

Collins talked about where his head is right now and the difference between last year’s team and this year’s team with Dei. Collins:

“Our guys, last year going into the playoffs, we knew what we could hang our hat on each and every night,” Collins said. “And in the offseason we had the draft and we were very happy with that. And then in July we made the big trade. And since that point in time, it has been more disappointment than anything else. It just seems at every turn there is something else that keeps coming up.” via CSN

Doug, I actually agree with everything you said there. I still don’t know why you had Ivey in at the end of the Bucks game though. Understand your personnel, Doug.  You know better then that.

Collins went on talking about how he is constantly trying to think of different ways of making this team better. He also started to talk about on how he tries to communicate with his players. Collins:

Players don’t want to talk on the phone, not to me,” Collins said. “I talk to the parents all the time and they say they try and call their children on the phone and they won’t answer. They shoot them a text and they get right back to them. You don’t take it personally. You just understand that’s the way it is.”

Seriously, I am one of those dudes that can’t stand having a conversation over a text. I rather just call the person. But people rather text now, so I have learned to text more. Sorry, that has noting to do with Collins I was just venting. Collins continued…

It is getting harder and harder in this business to create those kind of relationships,” Collins said of those bonds he has with the likes of Grant Hill and Michael Jordan. “Number 1, the players are getting much younger and I am older, and they don’t allow that many people in. So there is a real trust that you have to build and sometimes a trust is so hard to build and so easily broken. I mean, one little thing can break a trust. I have to be consistent and true every single day

Doug has made mistakes and has looked completely lost at times on the sideline. BUT he is always giving his heart and soul to his players. I will never question Doug’s love for the game. I also know that this whole mess of a season is killing him just as much as it is killing me.

Doug must find away to reach this team though. Even if it looks impossible, which it might be.


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