TurnBuckle: The Rock agrees to WrestleMania30

With this year’s WrestleMania right around the corner, why not start making plans for next years WrestleMania 30.  A big named superstar has agreed to be in the big show.

It has been reported that The Rock has agreed to terms with the WWE to be part of next years WrestleMania.

That is pretty big news following last month’s news of Broc Lesnar signing a contract extension, which could mean that the talks of a Rock vs. Broc rematch are in the works.

It’s obvious that the Rock will not go on past April’s WrestleMania. That would leave him enough time to go film a couple movies over seas. Then make a comeback late this year for the feud, possibly with Broc.

He’s a more in depth report on bleacherreport.com.


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