Philer Up!: Delmon Young doesn’t use a scale. He tries on clothes and goes to the beach…


Dom Brown will finally get his shot. Let me say that again, Dom Brown will finally get his shot. Actually, it’s only for the first month or first three weeks of the season. I am telling you, this dude never had a full opportunity to just go out and play. But hey, I will finally stop crying about him if he doesn’t grab the little leash that the Phils are giving him.

As we all know by now, Delmon Young had ankle surgery in November and has a chance at starting the season on the DL. Still can’t believe this dude is going to make extra money for not being fat. Gotta love it.  Young talked about how is ankle felt the other day…

“The ankle is feeling good but I’m not a doctor,” he said. “So when the doctor tells me when everything will be ready, I’ll be out there. I’m not going to put any date on it. I’ll be out there at that time when it’s fully healed and I build up baseball stamina and I can be out there for nine innings.” via The Zo

So he is not a doctor and he will be out there. That covers it. Young was asked how much he weighs…

“I don’t really go on the scale that much,” he said. “I just see what clothes fit and see when I can go on the beach.”

I mean Delmon, when you say, “I just see what clothes fit” do you bother to even look at the tag?

Then someone asked him if he has been to the beach yet?

“It’s too cold right now,” he said.

All I got out of this is that it is to cold to go to the beach, so we don’t know if  Young is in shape or not. Dom Brown please arrive this year, my man.


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