Eagles.. So what happened to that FRESH start? First Vick, Nnamdi to follow?


When Chip Kelly was hired, I figured it was the first of many new faces that I would see running out of the tunnel at the Linc next season. I am starting to think that more of the old faces will remain. I really wanted this team gutted. I just wanted a fresh start and leave that so-called “Dream Team” behind for good.

Obviously, that is not happening. First it was Vick coming back for one more year. I get why Chip brought him back but honestly, I believe it was the wrong move. There is nothing to gain to having Vick back under center. What 1 or 2 more wins? Now, you can put Nnamdi in that category as well.

I am telling you, it looks like the Birds really do want him back. Seriously, why else would they offer him a chance to restructure his contract? Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the Eagles and Nnamdi’s agent meet on Friday in Indianapolis at the scouting combine.

Asomugha, 31, is scheduled to make $15 million, $4 million of which is guaranteed.  He signed a five-year $60 million contract in the summer of 2011. So will he take the pay cut or walk?

Nnamdi has never looked comfortable in Eagles green. He had a bad year in 2011 and then he was even worse last year. Nnamdi, DRC, Allen, and Coleman made up one of the worst secondary’s (stats-wise) in NFL history. That’s putting it nicely.

I use to try to make excuses for him. I always use the “card” that the Eagles were using him wrong. That he needed to play straight-up man to man, like he did in Oakland, when he was a three-time Pro-Bowler. But after this past season I he lost me defending him. I believe that he got burnt more than Izel “Toast” Jenkins this season.

Like I said before, that fresh start I was looking for from the Eagles looks like it might not ever happen. Very disappointing.


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  1. skiptebowbramanti | Reply

    Look i kno u hate vick but he at least gives us a chance..with foles were a 4-12 team and with vick were a 9-7 team which gives us a chance to make playoffs n get hot at the rite time. Look at sports last couple years the best team hardly ever wins the final its always some hot team outta nowhere.

  2. They have to have SOMEONE at corner next year. If the price is right and there isn’t a good young replacement available, why not bring him back?

  3. B, I really don’t hate Vick, I am just tired of him. No way this team wins 9 games next year. You really think Vick makes this team 5 games better? With this “D”? I dont see that at all.

    Cutter, I was big Nnamdi guy. I really thought he was going to thrive here. Obviously, it did not happen. There are some CB out there BRENT GRIMES, Keenan Lewis, Aqib Talib just to name a few. Like I said in my post, I was just ready for a fresh start.

    Thanks for reading fellas…

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