TurnBuckle: Possible Change of Plans for Swagger

 We are just a few days removed from Jack Swagger’s little incident Tuesday night, the WWE could be re-thinking their upcoming plans for him.

Sources state that Swagger was to be wrestling Alberto Del Rio in a match at this year’s WrestleMania and defeating him for the World Heavyweight Title.  Well, after Tuesday’s events all that could be changed, all though I wouldn’t speak too soon. 

In a report from WrestleScoop.com the WWE could have other plans involving another superstar to face ADR at WrestleMania. I wonder if this would really happen because of all the trouble finding a spot for CM Punk. This is really the only match really locked in, until Tuesday night’s events. But then again, it was reported that the WWE was working late Wednesday discussing new ideas.

So what’s going on with Swagger in the near future? They have to figure out what’s in store for him regarding WrestleMania? In this report from WrestleZone.com it states:

“Jack Swagger has been pulled from WWE live events this weekend, however it should be noted that the company is still advertising him for Raw next week and Tuesday’s Smackdown taping. No word on whether or not Swagger has been pulled from the live events due to his arrest.”


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