Puck Heads: Gagne is back. Time to dust off the old jersey…


No other Philly team brings back former players like the Flyers. Once a Flyer always a Flyer, as they say… One of the biggest fan favorites is back. As you probably already know Simon Gagne is back with the Flyboys

The Flyers traded a conditional 2013 fourth-round draft pick (third-round, if they make the playoffs) to the Kings for him. Not going to lie, I am very happy that I can dust off my old Gagne jersey.

I know Gagne is only 32, but we are not getting the old Gagne back. He has only played in 11 games this year and has zero goals and 5 assists. He has been mostly a healthy scratch this season. Gags has really been hampered by injuries and concussions the last few years.

Gagne still can bring that veteran leadership/character that this team could use. He still can be a solid third-line player. Gags talked about how he feels right now…

I’m 100 percent now,” Gagne said. “I was really excited about this year because of that, but unfortunately things didn’t work the way it was here in L.A. this year, so now having a chance to play with Philly and play on a regular basis, I’m really excited to try that. It will be fun.” via csn

Glad to have you back Simon. You will get a very nice standing ovation on your first shifted. Gagne collected 528 points in 664 games with the Flyers. Since the Flyers traded him away, he  has only 62 points in the 108 games.


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