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Eagles…Eagles Sign 6 Foot 7 Receiver

The Eagles have sign 6 foot 7 239 pound wide receiver Ifeanyi Momah (pronounced E-feind-ee Mow-ma). The last time he played football was in 2011 for Boston College but by the look of him you have thought that he would have played for the Celtics. In his last game played  Momah caught eight passes for 157 yards. But only racked up 39 receptions  for 629 yards and six touchdowns in his entire college career. That being said he basically miss two full seasons. In 2007 he played as a true freshman but didn’t have much impact. In 2008 he caught 11 passes for 149 yards and three touchdowns. In 2009 he redshirted due to injury. In 2010 he played all 13 games and had 19 receptions for 296 yards and caught three touchdown passes. Momah also played defensive end on third and long situations that year. Finally in 2011 he had that one monster game before sustaining a major knee injury ending his college career. He try to gain a sixth year of eligibility but was unsuccessful.

He sounds like he fits the mold of a Chip Kelly player. Big, tall, quick, athletic, versatile players is what Chip looks for. I’m sure the fact that Momah ran a 4.4 forty in a couple recent workouts helped his cause. He could have been draft last year but he was still rehabbing his injured knee. He will be the tallest wide receiver on the Eagles since Harold Carmichael. But we can’t jump to conclusions he hasn’t played in two years so just cause he is the size of Carmichael doesn’t mean he is the next Carmichael. It’s just somebody that big and quick is intriguing and deserves checking to see if he can play at a professional level. Lastly I have to say I like this shift to find athletic, versatile, big players. Chip Kelly puts simply enough for me saying “So you always have to make adjustments to what you do. But we want taller, longer people because big people beat up little people.”

Quick Tuggs: Why not hit a golf ball out of a tree? Sergio Garcia does.

Okay, so I was bored at work searching around on YouTube and I stumbled across this video.  I have no clue when it was from because I am not much of a golf guy.  But somehow the ball lands in a tree and golfer Sergio Garcia climbs the tree and hits the ball out of it and actually makes a pretty good shot!!

I think there is some rule in golf in which you get to drop the ball and play it where it lands.  Now, don’t take my word on that because it might not even be a rule.  But if it is a rule I am not sure why he didn’t take advantage of it.

Then again, I personally probably would have climbed the tree just for shits and giggles and tried to hit it.  Here is the video on this event. Happy Easter!

Sixers Balls: AI back in the House tonight!

iverson pic

Its AI bobble-head night down at the Wells Fargo and Iverson is scheduled to open the game up by presenting the game ball. I say “scheduled”, because you know how Iverson can be. I love AI, but you never know what the dude is up too.

You know what the Sixers should really do? Surprise everyone by announcing that they signed Iverson to a one-day contract and have him play. Now that would be BAD-ASS. I should just tweet Adam Aaron. The dude answers everyone else on tweeter.

Just for the hell of it, here are Iverson highlights.

McNabb to Romo’s new contract: “Wow really, with one playoff win”


Maybe “Five” is still upset that Romo’s only playoff win came against him. Either way, this is funny as hell. I know that “Five” is known for choking at times but Romo is known for it more. Yes, I still call McNabb “Five’. Thanks FredEX!

“Five’s” reaction to Romo’s signing:

Tony Romo 6 yr 55 million dollar extension. Wow really, with one playoff win. You got to be kidding me.

The best thing about this is that he is right. Why in the world would the Cowboys give Romo that much money? What the hell am I think? The answer is very simple, Jerry Jones.

McNabb wanted to make sure everyone understood him:

My bad everyone it 55 million guaranteed. It’s a total of 108 million, wow

Thanks “Five”.

Romo is 1-3 in the postseason, while McNabb went 9-7 in postseason play. I am telling you this, if McNabb had the weapons that Vick has now in his “prime’, he would’ve gotten a ring.

McNabb was at his best in the early 2000’s, when he was throwing to Torrance Small, Charles Johnson, Todd Pinkston, Na Brown and James Thrash. Do I really need to go on?

The one year he finally had weapons the Birds went to the Super Bowl. Yes, he did start “hacking” in the huddle. He also threw for 357 yards and 3 TD’s. The best Romo has ever done has been a “Paper” Champ.

Yes, I know. McNabb was picked 3 times. Leave me alone.

Puck Heads: Let The Seth Jones Watch Begin…

USA Hockey Junior Evaluation Camp - USA White v Sweden

“Tank” season is now in Full-Session for our winter Philly sports teams. Though I don’t think the Sixers got the hint yet. The Flyers on the other hand may have. Well, losing players left and right will help their cause.

The Flyers have lost three players for the season in a matter of a week (Briere, Coburn and Meszaros). So let it begin, “The Seth Jones Watch”

Jones, 18, is considered the top prospect in this year’s draft. He is currently playing in the Western Hockey League for the Portland Winterhawks. The Highly-Touted Jones is a young Chris Pronger scouts say.

The 6-foot-4, 205-pound defenseman is the son of former NBA player Popeye “Ears” Jones. Popeye Jones is one of the oddest looking athletes of All-Time hands down.

Randy Miller of the Courier Post talked to the Flyers director of hockey operations Chris Pryor the other day about the draft and who they might be targeting. Pryor:

“Right now is such a hard time to be excited because we’re all in this to win and we’re going through a little bit of a tough time,” Pryor said. “But on a whole separate side there’s a group of players in this draft that you get excited about and if we happen to be picking in a certain place, we’re high on a small group of players.”

Pryor went on talking about Jones:

“I saw Jones play last year with the U.S. team (in the Under-18 World Championships) and this year at World Junior, and he’s got a lot of things going for him for a big man,” Pryor said. “He’s got good skills and moves extremely well. He’s been a good player at every level, and on the World Junior stage this year he elevated himself from the rest of the group as a young kid in that tournament. That tells you what kind of player he is and what he could be down the road.”

If only the Flyers didn’t suck with DEFENSEMAN.


TurnBuckle: Status of Rick Flair/ Undertaker After Mania

Just a quick update on the health scare of Rick Flair.  A blog written the other day by Good Ol’ Jim Ross gave us a good picture on where Flair is at with his healing process.

“Got a text from Ric Flair early this morning and Naitch is feeling great and has been provided medication to dissolve the blood clot that is in his leg. The doctor’s are highly optimistic that the meds will do the trick and eliminate a potentially, dangerous issue. Ric and I will get together Wednesday evening in Jersey to catch up which is one of our WrestleMania traditions.”

Read more:

In other news, the Undertaker is booked for a post WrestleMania show. He schedule to  appear during the taping  of Smackdown  on Tuesday, April 23rd.  This comes from a statement released on the  site of the O2 Arena in London, England.  It has not been made official yet, whether he will be appearing on television or just for the local crowd.  Perhaps this means that he is going to keep the streak going and defeat Punk at WrestleMania.  Or it may just be the WWE’s way to make more money on WrestleMania after the event.

Philer Up! The Phils are high on the Forbes list


The Phils are the 5th most valuable MLB team and they will likely get higher on that list. The Phils are worth $893 million, according to Obviously, the Yanks are number 1 at $2.3 billion.

The Phils will likely climb that chart because of their up-coming TV deal. They’re due for a new TV deal in 2015, which could take the value of the team over $1 billion.

Another thing that the Phils have going for them is that they’re second in merchandise sales behind the Yankees. That is impressive. Those days of watching Wayne Gomes, Desi Relaford, and Rex Hudler are long gone.

TurnBuckle: Shamrock Interested In Comeback

Former WWE superstar Ken Shamrock  admitted to wanting to make a comeback in the business.  He stated in a recent interview with Ring Rust Radio that was featured on that he has tried to contact the WWE regarding this. 

“Oh, definitely. I’ve tried to reach out, but I’ve been hitting some walls. I’m not sure if my messages are getting through or not. In my career, if you follow my career and watched everything that I’ve ever done from the time I was in high school to where I’m at now, I’ve always been able to reach the pinnacle. In football, I was able to win championships and go to bowl games in college, be an All-American linebacker and there were a lot of things I was able to accomplish. In my professional career, every time I jumped into an organization, I always reached the top and the title. I know with NWA with Jeff Jarrett, TNA, I was their first heavyweight champion, so I was able to reach that pinnacle. With Pancrase, I was their first champion and was also able to bring it to the U.S. using my character. I also reached the level in the UFC as a heavyweight champion, one of the first of all time, also rookie of the year, fighter of the year. I got into pro wrestling, I’ve got tag team champion, Intercontinental champion, King of the Ring.

There were several times where I wished I had got that opportunity, and probably should have had that opportunity, to at least challenge for the Heavyweight Championship belt. I never got that opportunity, and I’m not sure why, but it is what it is. I will keep fighting to try and get that opportunity and close this thing up to be probably one of the only persons in sports history to go into several different organizations and become world champion in every one of them.”

Read more:

Shamrock (who just turned 49 I might add) was a former WWF
Intercontinental Champion, WWF Tag Champion, a former winner of WWF King of The Ring back in ’98 and put the submission move the ankle lock on the map in the WWF.  He gained most of his popularity though during his long  mixed martial arts career.  Where he headlined over 15 main events.  

This could be a real interesting comeback because of his age alone.  How much could The World’s Most Dangerous Man have left in the tank?  He is probably still in tip-top shape for his age.  Even if his body could withstand being bumped around in the ring night after night where would the WWE find a spot in any story line to fit him?  I guess time will tell.

Check out this video on his top moves:

PhilerUp! Adam Morgan looks like the guy if one of the Starters go down.

images (94)

When the Phils signed veterans Aaron Cook and Rodrigo Lopez I expected them to be in the minors as insurance. Most teams like to have that veteran you can call on just in case one of the “Big Boys” gets hurt. Well, I was completely wrong with that idea. They’re both gone. Lopez was released last week and Cook just the other day, as you probably all ready know.

So where does that leave the Phils? Obviously, that leaves them Hamels, Lee, Doc, Kendrick and Lannan as the starters. But what happens if one goes down, especially with Doc.  I still think Doc can be good as I wrote in a previous post, but that’s only if he is healthy.  This spring training hasn’t been to kind to Doc.

The Phils could look to acquire a veteran starter by a trade, though as of right now it seems to be the IronPigs rotation as the options for the Phils Tyler CloydJonathan PettiboneEthan MartinB.J. Rosenberg and Adam Morgan.  Phils assistant GM Scott Profrock on the options:

“I think it remains to be seen, but we do have options,” Proefrock said. “And that’s the positive aspect of it. I think we feel pretty good about the depth we have. It is experienced? Probably not as experienced as you’d like, but they’ve got to get experience somehow.” via the Zone

Cloyd and Rosenberg have some experience.  God help us all, if Rosenberg is the one that gets the call. Can you say, “Bombs Away”? Martin has pitched nicely for the Phils since being acquired from the Dodgers in the Victorino deal but has never pitched above Double-A. Pettibone pitched some in Triple-A last year. The guy that looks like the best option is Adam Morgan.

Adam, 23, pitched last year at Single-A and Double-A.  He had a combined record of 8-11 with 3.35 era in 26 starts. He had 169 strikeouts and 39 walks in 158.2 innings pitched. The left-hander held opponents to a .235 average. The Phils are very high on him. That’s likely why they let Cook and Lopez take a hike. Morgan is ranked 7th on the Phils prospect list.

NFL Dynasty Mock Draft 1.0: Secound Round


Last week I posted the first round picks of a mock draft I had recently completed and today I will go over the second round picks from that same draft.  Feel free to go over the picks from the first round linked here.  Going into the second round there were a couple of players I wrote down that were still available that I felt would provide good value for second round picks.  Jonathan Franklin, Andre Ellington and Joseph Randle, just to name a few.

Round 2

11. Jonathan Franklin, RB, UCLA

Welp.  Cross him off my list.  I think where Franklin goes in the NFL will change his stock market the most of any of the RBs.  He could easily bump up into the first round of most dynasty drafts if he goes to a team who will get him the ball in space, like Indianapolis or Atlanta.  I think the 11 thru 13 pick overall is where he will go in most drafts leading up to the NFL draft and that’s about where he should go at this point.  He has a lot of skills that are hard to teach and if he gets into the right situation, he could be a steal with the 11th overall pick.

12.  Joseph Randle, RB, Oklahoma State

Right now,  I am not crazy about Randle going inside the top 15 picks.  He seems to run a bit upright and has trouble lowering that shoulder to get the extra yards needed.  Again, his draft stock will depend upon where he goes in the NFL, but I don’t see a scenario where he would be a top 10 pick.  For that reason, I would not have picked him 12th overall but that is what makes these mocks drafts fun.

Geno Smith13.  Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

There is a lot of debate in Philly of whether or not this guy should be drafted by the Eagles with the 4th overall pick.  Let the record show that IF, Geno Smith is there for the Eagles at 4th overall, I think the Eagles should take him. With that said, I don’t think Geno Smith is worth a pick inside the top 15 of rookie dynasty drafts because he is obviously not a clear-cut #1 QB in fantasy and might not be for at least 5 years with the type of talent in the league now.  He will probably become a top end #2 QB in a few years and max out as a low-end #1 QB in 6 years.  To sum it up, I think he will be more of a Joe Flacco type QB where he can be good enough to win play-off games and maybe a Super Bowl, but not someone to build a fantasy team around.

14th. Da’Rick Rodgers, WR, Tennessee Tech

I’ve heard some really interesting comparisons about his guy.  I have heard he could be the next Roddy White but has a Titus Young type of attitude. That’s pretty scary if I am an owner, but with the 14th pick, he is worth the risk.  I like his potential and his physical skills are amazing as he had an amazing combine performance.  This isn’t a pick I’d expect to pay of in 2013 or even 2014.  This is a long-term pick and I think Rodgers becomes a solid WR someday.  No worse than a #3 WR.

15th.  Kniles Davis, RB, Arkansas

Now this is a guy who benefited from the combine.  He ran a blistering 4.37 40 Yard Dash and put up 31 reps on the bench press.  At 5’10”, 227 lbs, that is a heck of a 40 yard dash and definitely intrigues me as an owner.  If he gets drafted in the top 90 picks at the NFL draft, he is definitely someone I will be interested in acquiring .  The 15th pick isn’t too much of a reach for him, however I still thought there was someone else more worthy of the 15th pick.

marcus lattimore16.  Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina

By the time I got done responding to the owner with my comments that there was a better player still on the board,  that player I was speaking of got taken.  Lattimore is a high risk/high reward guy.  What do I mean by this?  He is a guy that could someday be a #1 RB on all fantasy teams OR he may never recover from his second ACL Tear.  At 16th I’d consider taking the chance if I am an owner who doesn’t have a need at WR and has the patience of waiting a full year before Lattimore starts producing.  Make no mistake, he is not Adrian Peterson as APETE is a total freak.  This is a good pick here IF you have patience.

17.  Andre Ellington, RB, Clemson

Another RB off the board.  3 in a row and 5 in the round.  I am getting the feeling that owners are not crazy about the lower tier WRs in this draft and that a run on RBs will be similar in all rookie drafts.  Ellington is a quick, but small RB who may never really be a #1 RB for his NFL team.  I view him as a change of pace RB given he is 5’8, 199 lbs.  If he can bulk up a bit I might become a bit more interested, but at this point I am not in love with Ellington.

Christine Michael18.  Christine Michael, RB, Texas A&M

One word to describe this guy.  FREAK.  He is just under 6 feet tall, weighed in at 220 lbs at the combine and was pretty much a top 5 performer in all of the drills.  That’s the good.  Hear comes the bad part.  He is going to be a problem for whoever he plays for.  He blew off several meetings with teams at the combine and was known to be a problem in college for the Aggies.  Mix that in with his injury history (ACL Tear/Broken Leg) and you are looking at a RB who might be a high risk/mild reward guy.  Okay for the 18th pick, but he seems to be a workout warrior to me.

19.  Quinton Patton, WR Virginia Tech

This is a pick I have seen slowly creeping up in some mock drafts and it’s been forcing me to research him a little more.  This is another reason I like these mock drafts.  It comes down to that he is a well-rounded WR who had a below average season due to under performance of his QB.  He might get into the end of the second or fall like Rueben Randle did last season.  Make sure to follow this guy over the next month and see where her lands.  He could surprise some people.

20.  Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford (MY PICK)

Chalk up another PAC-10 player for yours truly.  It wasn’t by design either.  Going into this mock I was expecting to take a IDP at this spot since I didn’t think a player like Ertz was going to fall to me.  I know he has had an average at best off-season, but there have been no IDP players taken yet and I have a few gems up my sleeve that I will wait on for round 3.  Ertz isn’t even close to Eiffert in terms of athletic ability or skill, but not many TEs are.  Eiffert is a future top 5 TE where as Ertz is more of a #2 TE for a year or two and then should develop into a low-end #1 TE for most dynasty teams.  It’s a long-term investment, but if I am drafting last, it basically means I won my league and have the depth to make an investment like this.


At this point I am starting to wonder if the guys in this mock draft forgot that this was an IDP mock with a point per tackle and 4 points per sack.  I’m okay with that though, but the run on RBs is surprising to me as we aren’t sure where some of these guys are going.  In most cases I’d rather take the #2 TE or #1 QB over the 8th or 9th best RB/WR in the league.  I have a few IDPs I hope fall to me in round three and I have a feeling at least one of them will.