Eagles Finally Get Help from Andy

2013 NFL Draft

With yesterday’s last-minute effort by Andy Reid to re-sign Dwayne Bowe, tag Brandon Albert and also re-sign the ever important punter, Dustin Colquitt, there is a chance that the 4th overall pick that the Eagles own might gain some value. Most scouts have Luke Joeckle rated as the best player in the draft. I don’t necessarily agree with that sentiment as I think “Johnny Football” helped slow down the pass rush with his threat to run, but who am I to disagree? With Albert staying in KC for the 2013 season to play Left Tackle, there is a better than 50/50 chance that KC will not select Joeckle at #1.

In Andy’s 14 years in Philly, he has drafted 6 Defensive Lineman, 2 Offensive Lineman, 2 Wide Receivers, a Defensive Back and Donovan McNabb in the first round (not counting the trade for Jason Peters). For you slow mathematicians out there that is 50% of his first round picks used on Defensive Lineman so this gives us a strong indication of what Andy Reid covets. I think this points to the Chiefs taking Sharrif Floyd, a perfect fit at DE in the 3-4 defense that the Chiefs will run.  An athletic 5 technique DL is hard to find.  This guy could be Richard Seymour.

If we mock Floyd to KC, Dion Jordan could go to Jacksonville considering their horrid pass rush and little need for an offensive lineman. Gus Bradley prides his defense on strong edge play and Jordan has to be the best of the bunch with his 6’6″ frame.  Gabbert is still developing however slow it might be.  Pressure is what J-Ville needs.

Geno Smith

At this point we can stop with the assumptions trying to make sense of who will go at the #3 spot because regardless of what happens with Oakland 3rd overall pick (I’m sure they will screw it up) there will be at least 2 players available at the #4 spot that are the best at their position which will create value or as we in the economics like to call, demand.The supply is the 4th overall pick. Who it will appeal to will vary which will create demand, but there should and will be at least 2 teams interested in acquiring the Eagles pick. At the 4th pick it is very possible that 2 of the following 3 players will be available: Luke Joeckle (#1 ranked OT), Geno Smith (#1 ranked QB), Dee Milliner (#1 ranked CB). As long as 2 of these 3 players are available when the Eagles pick, they WILL get trade offers to move down the draft, albeit a handful of spots.

Teams In Need of an Offensive Tackle:

Detroit Lions

Gosher Cherilus is a free agent coming of an okay year but is an average blocker at best.  Jeff Backus is ancient.

Arizona Cardinals

It is no secret that the Offensive Line play in Zona is offensive to the quarterbacks.

Teams In Need of a Quarterback:

Buffalo Bills

General Manager Buddy Nix literally said they are looking for a QB of the future.

Arizona Cardinals

It is no secret that the Offensive Line Quarterback play in Zona is offensive to the quarterbacks fans of Arizona.

Teams In Need of a Cornerback:

Detroit Lions

They are getting abused in pass coverage. End of story.


Probably cutting Eric Wright as he isn’t worth the money he is getting paid. Sheldon Brown is a free agent

So even though all of these teams are in the top 10 and we wouldn’t  seem to gain much in a barter of goods, every extra pick the Eagles get will be important as we re-tool.  To give you an example, if the Eagles trade back to the 8th overall pick which is currently Buffalo’s, we would most likely pick up a 2013 3rd round pick(71st pick) and a future 4th round pick or maybe even a future 2nd rd pick and mid-round pick in 2013.  Either of these deals could give the Eagles ammo to move around in the draft.  Regardless, Andy Reid is the man to thank if he passes on Luke Joeckle.

The only way we lose leverage is if Kansas City trades the pick.  I just simply don’t see them getting the value they would expect via the trade value chart because there isn’t any player worthy of the #1 overall pick. There are however, several players worthy of the 4th overall pick, which makes the scenario above very possible.  And in my humble yet, unappreciated opinion,  there are too many holes on this team to not try and pick up an extra pick.  Again, that is thanks to Andy Reid.

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