Pucks Heads: Pronger has battled some depression.


It was good to see Pronger back to his old-self yesterday. Obviously, he is not completely healthy but he still has “Ball-Busting” ways. He also seems to think he that he might have a slight chance of coming back.  Chris, my man, you’re not coming back. Just get healthy, so you can enjoy life with your family. You have done enough for the hockey world.

Pronger is pretty much retired even though he won’t officially announce it. If he did his salary cap hit would be absorbed by the Flyers.  The Flyers have him on the long-term injured list, giving them $4.9 million of cap relief each season until his contract runs out at the end of 2016-17 season.

The sad thing about Pronger’s situation is that he battled some depression. Pronger:

 “biggest part is the depression. How you feel about yourself. How you feel about the injury and how dark you go down.” “some pretty dark days when the doctor was a little worried” about his emotional state. via Philly.com

Pronger went on talking about how it effected his everyday life..

“You get agitated very quickly,” said Pronger, who didn’t rule out being a broadcaster down the road. “When the symptoms start piling up and you start getting a headache and it’s loud in the house . . . There’s bright lights, kids running around screaming, all that stuff. You are on edge as it is. You’re [mad] that you are not playing the game you love, that you can’t go do what you want to do every day. You are even more [mad] because you’ve got a headache and it’s getting worse and worse . . . and your kid comes over and you snap. via Philly.com

There are so many athletes that are dealing with depression from concussions. The NHL has plenty of them and so does the NFL. You might see a lot of changes in the future with these two sports. We are learning how much damage a concussion can really do to someone’s everyday life. Very sad.

Pronger also talked about the play that gave him the concussion on Oct. 24 2011, when he was hit in the right eye by the stick of Toronto’s Mikhail Grabovski.

There’s nothing different I would have done on that play,” he said before making a joke out of it. “Maybe I could have slashed him over the head first.”

That a boy, Prongs.


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