Puck Heads: 22 games left there Fly-Boys..


So there is 22 games left in the season and Flyers find themselves 11th in the Eastern Conference standings. They’re only 3 points out of the eighth spot, but there is one problem. The Flyers have played more games then everyone in the top eight seeds in the East except for Toronto, who is fifth in the East. I think time is running out (Captain Obvious).

I mean, we all know that Homer will try everything within his power to fix this club. There are rumors already that the Flyers are aggressively shopping for a Top D-man, according to Hockkeyy Insiderr. You will likely start hearing the  Jarome Iginla rumors again as well. If the Flyers do make trade, (they likely will because of Homer’s track record) they have to think future not just this season.  Don’t get me wrong, I would take Iginla in heart beat, even at 34 he still can play.

This team though has more than just one issue. I don’t think they’re just one player away. The biggest issue for the Fly-Boys is their “D” and that was pretty evident in the 3-0 loss to Boston on Saturday. The Flyers have allowed 3.04 goals per game, which ranks 25th in the NHL. Bryz has struggled of late but in the Boston game the Flyers left him out to dry. By the way, does Braydon Corburn do anything out there? He always seems to be invisible.

Danny Briere seems to think the Flyers still have time…

“If you remember that year (2009-10), we were in a similar kind of mess,” Briere said after Saturday’s defeat. “Halfway through the season, I think we were 14th or 15th in the conference. We sorted through, we stuck together and we were two wins away from the Stanley Cup. I know it’s an uphill battle once again, but we have a lot of guys who were there and I really believe we have the horses to do that again.” via Philly.com

I remember that Danny, though that team had a veteran leader. His name is Chris Pronger and unfortunately he is not coming back ever. One more thing there Danny, it would be nice to see you on the stat sheet once and a while.


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