Your Daily Birds Update..They make a few signings.


With all that money to spend, I believe the Birds are doing the right thing. They’re being smart with their money. Christ, all these signings happen in a matter of 5 minutes.

It seems that the Birds have learned their lesson from trying to build a team through free agency.  It looks like they’re using it for depth and sound players.

The BIGGEST thing to take from these signings is that they will be building from the draft. That is the right way to build a football team.

So here is the rundown so far..

-Texans tight end James Casey on a three-year deal.

Here is Mike Florio of take on Casey:

The fifth-round pick in 2009 has been extremely versatile for the Texans, lining up in different places and providing a potent complement to tight end Owen Daniels. reports

This was the best signing of the day.

-Patriots safety Patrick Chung on a three-year deal.

Reuben Frank of CSN take on Chung:

Some interesting names here. Chung and Fletcher at least good first steps rebuilding the secondary. Chung by default is the best safety the Eagles have had since … Quintin Mikell.


-Panthers LB Jason Phillips to a two-year deal.

Sheil Kapadia of 24/7 take on Phillips:

 He was signed primarily with special teams in mind. The 27-year old has served as a reserve linebacker and special teams contributor for both the Ravens and Carolina Panthers in his four-year career. He led Carolina with 16 special teams tackles last season.

Always nice to have solid special-teams players.  

-Rams CB Bradley Fletcher to a two-year deal.

Sheil Kapadia of Birds 24/7 take on Fletcher as well:

Considered an outside press corner with good size. Fletcher allowed just 16 completions on 34 targets (47.1 percent) for 138 yards.

Fletcher has only missed 6 tackles in 26 career starts. Me likey..

-49ers NT Isaac Sopoaga to three-year deal.

Reuben Frank ‘s take on Sopoaga:

Experienced nose tackle as the Eagles presumably switch from a 4-3 front to a 3-4 front under new head coach Chip Kelly and defensive coordinator Billy Davis.

Solid against the run.

One more rumor:

Jason La Canfora of CBS  reports that he would be surprised if former 49ers DL Ricky Jean Francois left his first visit in Philly without a deal.


2 responses

  1. The whole “The Eagles were trying to win through free agency” thing is a bit of a myth. Most of the guys they signed two years ago were actually supposed to be supporting players (Brown, Smith, Young, Jenkins, Page) Some of those guys were “names” but they weren’t really supposed to be big stars.

    The real problem was they overrated talent (Vick, Asomugha) drafted poorly (Allen, Jarrett, Watkins), and made bad decisions on coaching hires (Castillo, Washburn)

    1. Agree with some of what you said. Jenkins was considered the Top DT in that free agency. Brown was a big name and Steve Smith was a former PB. That went after names. This time seems like they have more of a plan. But you never know, the wait and see game.

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