Free Agency: 48 Hours Later


When you look at the Eagles acquisitions over the past 2 days there are a couple of things that stand out to all of us:  1) They are focusing primarily on adding defensive players to build a 3-4 defense.  2) They’re looking for versatile players.  3)  They are looking at tier 2 and tier 3 players to keep salaries in check.  All these things are something we all see from a mile away.  But what I see, is a DETERMINED approach to change the culture.  Let’s look at this even further away from what position they play and their salaries.  Look at where they have all came from.

1. James Casey formerly with the Houston Texans

2. Isaac Sopoaga formerly with the San Francisco 49ers

3. Connor Barwin formerly with the Houston Texans

4. Cary Williams formerly with the Baltimore Ravens

5. Patrick Chung formerly with the New England Patriots

6. Kenny Phillips formerly with the New York Giants

7.  Jason Phillips formerly with the Carolina Panthers and Baltimore Ravens

8.  Bradley Fletcher formerly with the St. Louis Rams.

Are you starting to see a trend?  Do you see players like Nnamdi Asom-whateverwho were touted as elite players on bad teams?  Or do you see role player/leaders who have been on winning teams with top-tier overall defenses? I’m starting to see the latter.  The Texans have been a double-digit win team the past 2 seasons.  San Fran is much of the same making it to 2 straight NFC Championships.  We are all quite aware of how the season ended for the Ravens and unfortunately, we are also aware of how well the Giants have done the past 5 years with a couple Super Bowl wins against New England.

The guys we have added have been apart of winning teams and know what it will take to win.  They have been around winners and know what a winning team’s practice should look like.  They know what type of demeanor to show this young team of under-achievers and I got to tell you, I love it.  There I said it.  The Big L word.

The approach that Howie is taking with this team is a calculated one and I think it’s a good strategy.  He’s probably hoping that these guys will be able to show Vick, McCoy and Jackson what a winning attitude looks like and he’s probably also hopeful that it spreads.  This is a good approach and a necessary one.  Howie and Co. is doing a good job.  He’s getting winning, versatile players and cap friendly prices.

What this also leads me to believe is that we are going to target Geno Smith in the draft.   Scouts say that he has all the tools to be a good QB, but has been a bit inconsistent with his accuracy.  I like this though because if Kelly is as good as we all think he is, then he should be able to coach and build around that.  One thing that ALL the scouts say and LOVE about this QB is that he was a great leader in West Virginia and is constantly in the film room.  The defense seems to have added 6 potential starters, including a pass rushing OLB which could take Dion Jordan off the board, and this tells me they are focusing on building a dynamic offense through the draft, particularly with 2 of the first 4 picks.

It’s fun to read between the lines and look for the meaning behind all these signings.  In this case,  I like to think that I am dead on with the idea and that it’s not just a coincidence.  But I think we can all agree that it’s very refreshing and exciting to look at these signings and be excited about them.  This rebuilding phase has been a lot more fun than I expected and I look forward to April, but PLEASE I beg you, don’t give a grade or look for grades from the so-called experts, because Rome wasn’t built in a day (or in this case 48 hours) but it’s definitely a strong start, a strategy we should embrace and allow this front office to finish before we bring out the boo-birds.

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  1. Good article, Francis

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